Friday 23 October 2020

A Third Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr President,
You are approaching the end of your first of two possible terms as President of the United States. You have done many good things over the last four years, but not everything you have promised. The wall has not yet been built; bad people have not yet been locked up. Because of this, some people have lost faith in you. Some have even disavowed you as an enemy mole. I have not because I believe you have done as much as you can in the political atmosphere you have had to breathe. Never forget that you have given millions of people all over the globe a hope, optimism and motivation that they have not enjoyed for generations. This will persist no matter what happens next. When you first said "drain the swamp!", you had no idea how deep and rancid the swamp really was. Now you have found out; and it is a testament to your courage and dedication that you have not backed off. Most people flee when encountered with that horrific reality. You have continued on your noble mission to challenge the evils of the Illuminati. In little over a week, the process that has been called an "election" will take place. You know that this election is nothing of the sort. It is a falsified charade under the guise of a democratic exercise. I know that you're aware of this because you have said so yourself publicly. The Deep State wants Vice-President Biden to be the next President of the United States. They want to replace you, and replace you right now! They are so desperate that they dare not even allow you another four years in the White House! You know that Biden is unfit for that office both in terms of his health and also, more importantly, because he serves a foreign occupier which seeks the destruction of the USA. You know that in the upcoming fake election it will be claimed that Biden has won. In this inevitable scenario, such a sham must be declared null-and-void. You will be acting within the law to refuse to leave office. With Judge Barrett on the Supreme Court you will be in a strong position both to protect your position, the safety of yourself and your family; but also investigate and expose the electoral fraudsters and the crooked cabal behind them. However, if that fails you must go further. I cannot be too explicit in order to safeguard you legally; but, if necessary, you must use your influence in the Department of Defence to defend your lawful office by force. Hopefully none of the above will be necessary. I am going to repeat what I've said in my previous correspondence with you: release all the information the state has gathered on the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects. There is still time to do this before November the 3rd. As I've explained, this can only do enormous good and will instantly disarm every one of your opponents in one fell swoop. You lead a single nation, but you are a moral and spiritual inspiration to the whole world. During the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong people were wearing your trademark hat and chanting "MAGA!". What happens in the next few weeks will determine the future of the whole earth for decades or even centuries to come. I will support and help you in any way I can, and I am not the only one.
From a fellow lightworker on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
Ben Emlyn-Jones

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