Monday 5 October 2020

Top Astronomer says Aliens Exist

Dr Sheila Kanani has spoken out about her belief that aliens exist. She joins celebrities like Kim Wilde, see:, and intelligence chiefs like John Sawers, see:, in being a major public figure to admit they believe in extraterrestrial life. Dr Kanani is an important official at the Royal Astronomical Society. In fact you could say she probably has the most important job of all, seeing as she is its "Education, Outreach and Diversity Officer". She certainly recognizes a growth industry when she sees one. Her belief in aliens is far more tempered than the other examples. She only considers it a "small chance" that we will "stumble across" extraterrestrial life in any form more interesting than micro-organisms, like earth's bacteria. She said: "The fact that we know that there are other solar systems out there around similar stars, it kind of makes you think that we can't possibly be alone, the universe is just too big... If there was life within our solar system it would not be intelligent life, it would be microbial life." Source: This is contradictory, especially if by life within the solar system she means life that has developed independently from whatever mechanism caused it to appear on earth. As I've said previously, it all comes down to statistics. The idea that the earth is alone in the cosmos when it comes to sophisticated life will be undone instantly the moment the tiniest scrap of life is found on a nearby planet to the earth, and it can be proved to have originated there. It is too much of a coincidence that the only two planets within ten billion light years that have life just happen to be neighbours. We've recently heard that the planet nearest to the earth, Venus, might have life on it, see:, and that there is water on Mars, see: As far as the scale of creation goes, this is just next-door. Are we to believe this tendency to the organic stops there? No. In fact the way our latest discoveries are emerging it's looking as if life is a natural and common emergent property of the universe. We should expect to find it everywhere, and in all forms; including complex forms like we have on earth. It's about time academics and pop scientists started admitting this and I hope Dr Kanani does at some point.
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