Thursday, 7 March 2019

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 343

I have been featured on Programme 343 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: Crop circles, the banning on Tommy Robinson, Alex Jones on Joe Rogan and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:


Kelvin said...

Disgruntled HPANWO fan here. All you ever seem to post these days is adverts for endless radio shows and the like. When are you going to get back to some serious blogging?


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Kelvin.
Apologies for the lack of activity lately. I have just a couple more notices then I have some interest articles planned. In the meantime check out HPANWO Radio and HPANWO TV because there is a lot of new material there!
Thank you for your interest and support.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I've just done one, Kelvin.