Monday 15 August 2016

Warminster Solved?

An article has appeared in the Daily Express claiming to have solved the mystery of the Warminster "Thing". As I detail in the background links below, the small Wiltshire town of Warminster was subject to almost two decades of UFO and related phenomena in the longest recorded flap in history. According to a newly-declassified Ministry of Defence report, the experiences people related having in the local area could be explained by meteors hitting the earth's atmosphere and not burning up completely. They create "buoyant plasmas" that can stop a car engine and even mess with the minds of witnesses. There's no real explanation for what these buoyant plasmas are, but I think they're supposed to be an electromagnetic effect. I'm surprised because it takes a very strong magnetic field to interfere with the moving parts of a car engine enough to stop it. How close did these meteors get to the cars? Source: The good news is, as you'll notice, the article has embedded my own HPANWO TV film on Warminster, UFO Disclosure 2015- Warminster 50, see: Therefore readers will have a chance to see the other side of the story. I've been contacted by somebody from the British UFO Research Association- BUFORA who told me the Daily Express has beached copyright. The picture of the red UFO electrifying a car was made by the UFOlogy artist David Sankey for the Association and the paper should have asked permission before publishing it. Future Warminster conferences will take place eventually and no doubt this clanger by the Express will be the source of much scorn and merriment.

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