Thursday, 3 July 2014

Depop Lovelock

I've found in recent years that formerly-admirable scientific icons have started displaying a dark side; I've written before about David Attenborough, see: Another is James Lovelock, who over the years has become a very eccentric and popular scientific mind. His work is based around the "Gaia Hypothesis" of biology, named after the Greek goddess of the Earth. I've read his book Gaia and it postulates that the Earth's life and its environment cooperate all together as part of an organized system that regulates itself and maintains a balance of temperature, ocean acidity, wind patterns, atmospheric gas levels etc, termed "homeostasis". Like many biologists he's also an ardent ecologist who is concerned about the damage done to the environment by human activity. Many years ago he came out in support of nuclear power, much to the consternation of his fellow Greens at the time; however since then it's no longer such a radical move and many others have followed suit like George Monbiot and Mark Lynas (Lynas also now supports GMO's). As the propagandized hysteria over Carbon™ emissions grows, more and more environmentalists join them; they even have an organization, see:

However times have changed and there is a new mindset emerging in the world of ecological activism. Its personnel seem to be dividing into two new strains, the first is despondency and the second is desperation. The despondents are in a small minority, but they're still quite vocal; they're basically people who have simply given up. They believe that the world is already past the tipping point of no return when it comes to the runaway greenhouse effect and, in a nutshell... we're all doooooomed! Vinny Eastwood interviewed one of these insufferable wet blankets on his show, Prof. Guy McPherson, see: If it wasn't for Vinny's light-hearted ripostes I'm sure a few of the listeners would have gone out and shot themselves; why McPherson doesn't do so himself is beyond me. The other category, the desperates, are far more common and they include people like the aforementioned George Monbiot and Mark Lynas. These are people who don't care about anything except reducing Carbon™ emissions. This must be done completely and speedily at all costs, no matter what happens... otherwise then we're all doooooomed! This is why they're in favour of nuclear power; in fact Monbiot outlines his position very well here: Almost paradoxically there are certain people who combine elements of both the despondents and the desperates, like Dr Mayer Hillman whom I wrote about a short time ago, see: The despondents scare the desperates a lot because they're terrified that they might be right. The desperates are the conscience of the despondents, a glimmer of the last hope they subconsciously might not have quite abandoned. The result of all this is the emergence of a large collection of individuals and groups who are willing to carry out very extreme actions, including covert geoengineering projects, the political introduction of authoritarian fascist/communist revolutions and even a cull of the world's human population. James Lovelock is one of those. At the age of ninety-four he's still on the front line and has appeared on BBC News' Hard Talk, see: He reiterates the notion that the Earth can only sustain a population of one billion people and he riles against those who think the problem can be solved just with introducing renewable energy like wind and solar power. He also repeats Pentti Linkola's lifeboat analogy, see: He's an open advocate for geoengineering and has even designed several methods, like a special ship that pumps cold water from deep in the ocean to the surface; he's also pro-fracking because Carbon™ emissions from gas are lower than those from coal. Most chillingly of all, he said this in 2010: "Even the best democracies agree that when a major war approaches, democracy must be put on hold for the time being. I have a feeling that climate change may be an issue as severe as a war. It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while." So James Lovelock has changed from somebody I once admired into a very scary person indeed; he's one of many and their numbers are growing. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this whole situation is a phoney war and it's one that has been constructed deliberately to engender this tendency of omnicidal lunatics.

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