Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Drop from the Blue

Something very unusual happened to me yesterday. Not for the first time either; it's happened a couple of times now. It took me a while to realize how strange the occurrence it was. I was hit on the arm by a drop of water. Judging from the angle it struck me, I estimate that the drop descended vertically, or close to vertically, downwards. The volume of the drop was approximately a quarter of a teaspoon. The incident happened at about midday on Friday July the 4th 2014 at Meadow Lane in Iffley, Oxford. The peculiar thing was that the sky was clear and blue with only minimal thin high cloud; there were no visible aircraft contrails and no chemtrails at all. The sun was shining brightly and the temperature was about 80 degrees Fahrenheit; there was little wind. Rain can sometimes fall from a cloudless sky, this is known by a French word, serein. It is caused by condensation at a very low altitude. However serein always occurs at dusk takes the form of a light drizzle; in my case this was just a single large drop. Sometimes rain can fall from a cloudless sky during daylight and indeed this happened in 1935 not far from me at Benson, Oxfordshire (Modern Mysteries of Britain by Janet and Colin Bord). Rain can be carried by the wind without evaporating under certain conditions for many miles, but this was not a shower of rain; I checked the ground and air around me and couldn't see any other drops. Also no rainbow formed. The drop looked like water, and when I smelled the residual wet spot on my skin where it had hit I found it to be odourless, like water. I didn't risk tasting it in case it was a toxic solution, but the wet spot eventually dried normally and it did not injure or irritate my skin at all. I assume that the liquid was simply water.

If it were not a raindrop then what was it and where did it come from? There are no trees nearby where it could have blown from, at least considering the lightness of the breeze at the time. If you look at the location of Google Maps you'll see that the Iffley end of Meadow Lane is an upmarket residential street with large houses and gardens. Somebody might have been using a hosepipe and accidentally aimed it upwards sending a stream of water in my direction. I didn't see anybody spraying with such an appliance at the time, but I did a ballistic experiment myself with a hosepipe to test the theory. I found that if I aimed the stream upwards at 45 degrees I could soak an area of the ground as far as thirty feet away, but this was only if I set the nozzle to a straight stream; if I set it to wide angle it didn't have such a long range. No matter what I did I couldn't get the hose to toss a solitary drop, and anyway there's no way I could wet anybody, accidentally or on purpose, without them knowing the hosepipe was there and that it was where the water had come from. Could it be a drop of water that had fallen from an aircraft? Water can sometimes fall from aircraft, either from condensation on its hull or leaks from its plumbing. I didn't see any aircraft above me at the time it happened. Of course one could have been flying at an altitude too high for me to see it, especially as none were leaving contrails that day. However, at that height any water falling would probably be frozen and it would take the hazardous form of an ice bomb, and these often smell either of chemicals or sewage; just as well I never put it in my mouth! See the background links below for more details. I'm beginning to wonder if this phenomenon could have a paranormal explanation; it might be related to the kind of things Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton talks about. According to her theories, water can be produced interdimensionally and emerges from black holes. Also rain falling from clouds is not just condensed vapour, but is in fact water from a hyperspatial source, see: This is why I speculate that disorders or anomalies in this transit system are the cause of the strange occurrences like fish, frogs and other unusual objects falling from the sky, see the background links below for more detail. Relevant study has also been done by the chemist Andrew Crosse. In 1836 he was doing an elecrocrystalization experiment when he unexpectedly saw insects forming inside the apparatus. How on Earth could that have happened? Were these also created out of thin air as a result of Crosse accidentally tapping into this cosmic highway? Sadly Crosse had to abandon his research because of death threats from militant Christians, see: As I said, this is not the first time this has happened to me. I can't remember exactly when the last time was that I experienced this enigmatic baptism from the heavens. I never gave it much thought because I didn't realize that it was significant. But if, or when, it happens again, I'll be sure to make a note of it and let HPANWO-readers know.

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