Wednesday 18 June 2008

UNISON Accepts Pay Deal

UNISON has joined the Royal College of Nursing and voted to accept the latest government pay deal by 65% to 35%. This is for a 2.4% payrise per year for 3 years. The rate of rise is set and cannot be renegotiated until the 3 year period is up no matter what happens in terms of the economy or inflation.

This I think is a big mistake and I voted "No" without hesitation. 2.4% over 3 years is effectively a pay cut with the present recession looming. The hardest hit NHS staff will be you, my Brother and Sister Porters; although many civilian staff will be equally worse off. We need to be less willing to take the short end of the rod. Low pay rises don't solve economic disasters. Even George W. Bush understands this! (And if he can understand it anyone can, even the monkeys at London Zoo!) He has awarded every American worker $600 to help them keep spending up and support industry to ease the coming resession.

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