Sunday 29 June 2008

The Modern Emperor of Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe, the leader of a so-called "independent" African nation is still in his seemingly immovable power-slot. In his 1999 interview with David Icke ( ), Credo Mutwa revealed that Mugabe is a descendant of the line of the ancient Zimbabwe Empire, in other words he is part of the African branch of the Illuminati! His great-grandfather was one of the biggest names in the 19th Century slave trade too. He came to power after General Tongo Gara, the leader of the rebellion against Ian Smith's government, was conveniently assassinated just after their victory. One of his first actions as president was to invade the southeastern county of Matabeleland and kill as many of the people as possible by locking them in their houses and setting them on fire! Credo says this happens over and over again all over Africa. A rebellion is led by a genuine man of humble origins who gets killed just after his job is done, to make way for someone else from an ancient royal bloodline to rule as a fascist dictator.
It makes the concept of "independance and home rule" something of a sick joke. Links to the ruling nobility can be found in the leaders of other former colonies outside Africa, including the United States. George W Bush is related to the Queen closely enough to be traced by Burke's Peerage!

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