Wednesday 25 June 2008

More UFO's Reported in the Midlands!

There have been some more news reports of major UFO sightings in recent weeks. I would normally feel ashamed to buy The Sun, but I did when I saw the front page headline: ARMY SPOT UFO’S OVER SHROPSHIRE! The incident took place the night before the Welsh sighting I mention below, on June the 7th at 11pm. It was a fleet of up to 13 cube-shaped craft that zigzagged over the Tern Hill Barracks near Market Drayton. They were spotted by three of the soldiers there and one of them, Cpl Mark Proctor, filmed them with his phone cam. He made a report and has been told by MoD officials not to say anything more about it. Nick Pope (who attended the Now That’s Weird Conference at the weekend: ) was quoted in a column of the story as saying that “The time has come for a proper inquiry”. Cpl Proctor described the UFO’s as “rotating cubes with multiple colours”. Amazingly, this sighting is not only corroborated by the two other soldiers with Proctor but by a couple driving along the A5 near Shrewsbury. They claim to have seen a similar sight at the same time. The story goes on! Last Friday a woman called Bonnie Lewis was out, proverbially walking her dog, when she saw a group of cylindrical objects over Bromsgrove, Staffordshire. Like Proctor she managed to film them.

Are we seeing the start of a flap here? Keep watching the skies! It's good to see that the Tern Hill sighting, a completely military one, was released to the press without ado. This shows a change in policy at the MoD, probably encouraged by the archive declassification (See: and ). Maybe this is the reason why we're seeing so many UFO-related stories in the news at the moment. This would mean that sightings like these happen all the time; we just don't get to hear about them!

On this page you can watch UFO footage and also vote as to whether you believe in alien life: . I’m encouraged to see that, at the time of writing, 81% say “YES” and only 14% saying “NO” with 5% undecided. The Currant Bun still can't resist having a chuckle though! They've got a cartoon on the same inside page as the main story showing a UFO with a green alien aboard and a Shell garage below it; the caption reads: "Saucer fleet to mother ship... abandon Earth landing... fuel too expensive on this planet!"

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