Saturday, 10 March 2018

Your Last Chance

When the troll crisis began in 2016 I could never have imagined how far it would go. I didn't think anybody would put up with it the way they have. That has been one of the biggest disappointments of my life. I am going to make one final appeal to whatever courage, rationality and decency still endures in the Truth movement. Please stop! I am not addressing the trolls themselves; that would be a waste of time. I am addressing the trolls' fellow travellers, appeasers, sycophants, fence-sitters and general hangers-on. The ones who pay lip-service to the Truth mobs with Facebook likes, turning the other cheek and one-sentence comments. You know who you are. Maybe what I am about to tell you will change your perspective. As I write these words I have just come off the phone to Miles Johnston. He is going to Belfast to attend the funeral of his elder sister Erica who died a few days ago. He is devastated by her loss. Nina Valentine made a lovely video called Miles Support, Prayers and Condolences; look at its like-dislike ratio and some of the comments: At the same time the trolls are continuing to make spiteful and deceitful videos, and other social media posts about Miles. Even with this bereavement in his immediate family, they are showing him no mercy. Look at yourselves, listen to what you are doing, or rather not doing. Why are you tolerating these people? Why are you not resisting them? Do you expect thanks from the trolls? Loyalty? Do you think they will not turn on you too without a second thought if the situation required it? If this new development doesn't stop you then nothing else will. This is your last chance to turn back from the abyss.

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