Sunday 24 December 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 28

Capel Green- Coming Soon to a Screen near you!

I've waited a long time to write this post. For several months I have known about what I am about to tell you and keeping it a secret has been very difficult. I always look forward to Christmas, but this year I've looking forward especially to Christmas Eve. Today the release of the first teaser trailer of a new film will take place; and here it is: Capel Green is a new feature-length documentary about the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident of December 1980, for the first time focusing on one of the principle witnesses to the event, and the original whistle-blower without whom the people of the world might not even know the incident had ever taken place, Airman 1c Larry Warren of the US Air Force. Capel Green is a large field on the eastern fringe of Rendlesham Forest where there was a landing of a strange object not of this earth. The film will bring exclusive new evidence, previously unseen documents and new testimony from Larry Warren, including a top level polygraph examination. The film follows the history of Larry Warren's long quest for truth and justice, against the media, some of his fellow witnesses and online detractors driven by personal motives. The final nail in the coffin of the Larry Warren Hate Cult is being hammered in. As I said in the last segment, the LWHC will never change their position no matter what happens. No amount of evidence will budge those entrenched by dogma. Capel Green will however cause a bifurcation in the appeasing masses who lie between the tiny few on either side. Many of them will get off the fence. No doubt some of them will then message me saying something like: "Hi Ben! I knew Larry was innocent all along! I've said so back then, remember?" My reply will have to be: "No you didn't."... However, I'll feel more well-disposed to those kinds of people than the fellow travellers and general hangers on who continue to support the LWHC through some kind of groundless stubborn loyalty. There will be a few of those too unfortunately.
This is the official website: From February you will be able to pre-order the deluxe limited edition of the DVD. Details of the film's release will be added closer to the time. A second trailer will be published on the 28th of December, the thirty-seventh anniversary of that fateful night. The full trailer will hit the media on New Year's Eve.
See here for the official Capel Green YouTube channel:
And the Vimeo channel:
Director/Producer/Editor: Dion M. Johnson
Music: Peter Chilvers
Lead Researcher: Gary Heseltine
Assistant Director/Production Assistant: Tino Megaro
CGI/Visual Effects Artist: Luis Azuaje
Cinematography/Sound: Brian Uranovsky
Aerial Filming Specialist: Graeme Taplin
Digital Marketing and Social Media Guru: Dawn-Louise Kerr
Film Festival Liaison: Anna Johnson
Production Company - Indigo Transmit Films Ltd
© Indigo Transmit Films 2017.

Larry Warren has also been interviewed on the excellent podcast The Unexplained with Howard Hughes. The fact that Howard has made the decision to bring Larry onto his programme is a healthy sign. The dark power of the LWHC is fading. Their grip of terror on UFOlogy is weakening. The community has begun to fight back! May they continue to do so. See: The good old Currant Bun has also written a piece on Larry, despite their own UFO columnist Nick Pope maintaining his position that the LWHC are right and that Larry is a fraud, see:
I feel a warm satisfaction at the prospect that this controversy is finally coming to an end. Having looked at the evidence, I have never felt a moment of doubt that it would end this way, with Larry Warren being completely exonerated. It was simply a matter of how long it would take. There will probably only be one more segment in this series before the case is closed, a notice about the full public release of Capel Green. CS Lewis once wrote that "a noble friend is the best gift in the world; and a noble enemy, the next best." The enemy we have faced in the Larry Warren controversy is not noble. The LWHC have lied, smeared and threatened Larry, along with the small handful of people who have actively defended him. I personally have been called an abuser of disabled people, a "dufus!", "fat cunt!" and "misogynist!" among other things. Larry's other friends have undergone a similar onslaught. The LWHC have tricked, manipulated and blackmailed the weakest and most indifferent members of our community into becoming their second tier of supporters. They have disrupted public events, published defamatory material and hampered the normal progress of UFO research operations. Rarely is such a complete and humiliating defeat so richly deserved. For the LWHC, the party's over. For Larry and those who have supported him... our party has just begun.
See here for the final part: (coming soon)

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