Saturday 2 January 2016

Boleskine House Fire

I'm sorry to report that Boleskine House has been badly damaged by a fire. The single storey manor house stands on the steep wooded shores of Loch Ness and was built in 1760 as a hunting lodge for Col. Archibald Campbell Fraser of the Clan Fraser Lovat. Boleskine House gained a reputation as a cursed place from the start. It was built on the site of a church that had caught fire during the middle of a service killing most of the congregation. It is famous for being the home of Aleister Crowley, the famous occultist who dubbed himself "The Beast 666". Crowley bought the house off the Fraser Lovats in 1899 because he needed somewhere secluded and quiet to perform one of his magickal spells. The Abramelin Working is a ritual in which you can conjure up spirits, including your guardian angel. The ritual takes at least six months to perform in a very carefully controlled environment and must be done with great care. The consequences of mistakes can be very dangerous. Any ritual that involves the opening of a portal, a gateway between our universe and the world of the spirits, is potentially hazardous because if it is not rigourously controlled it can allow free access to our universe for beings that should not have it; malevolent and destructive spirits, demons, the djinn, incubi etc. These entities can do a lot of damage when let loose on our world. The final segment of the ritual is where the magician gives the spirits "licence to depart"; this means that he or she sends them out of our universe and back into the one whence they came, and shuts the door behind them so they can't get back in. Crowley, despite his great power and skills, was a very selfish and big-headed individual, and he could be highly irresponsible. In the middle of his performance of the Abramelin Working he received an urgent telegram from his lawyer in Paris warning him that he was about to be sued by a group of his former friends in a magickal organization he used to run. Crowley dropped everything and rushed away to Paris... leaving the Abramelin Working unfinished. He did not give the spirits licence to depart and did not close the portal he had opened. In such a situation a magician would need to go back to the location and carry out another healing ritual to banish the demons and shut the portal, but Crowley never did this. In fact he hardly ever went back to Boleskine House until he sold the place in 1913. He died in 1947 never having fixed the leak at Boleskine. Source: A Magick Life by Martin Booth, see:

Nobody else has ever attended to the blunder at Boleskine and there's no reason to think that the portal is not still open today. I suspect that what is being done at the moment at CERN is a deliberate attempt to do what Aleister Crowley did at Boleskine House, open portals into other universes; only this time it's being done on purpose, an act of spiritual vandalism. See background links below for more details. Strange and frightening events are reported frequently from Boleskine, and in 1965 the owner at the time committed suicide on the property. In 1970 the house was sold to Jimmy Page, the rock star and aficionado of all things related to Crowleyanity. Page has also bought up most of Crowley's library, a massive and priceless collection of books on the occult, spirituality and the supernatural. It's interesting that during the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 there was a crypto-Satanic ritual involving himself and the singer Leona Lewis. The two perform the song Whole Lotta Love, one of the best known tracks produced by Page's band Led Zeppelin; for a long time it was the theme tune to Top of the Pops. This represents the alchemical wedding between the Devil and the Goddess, see here for details: (Scroll down about half way). Page sold the property in 1992 and moved all Crowley's books out, which is just as well seeing as what was to happen later. Since then Boleskine House has changed hands a few times and has been used as a holiday residence by its owners who were a rich Dutch family; and it was a hotel for a while. It lay abandoned for some time but was then brought by a lady who planned to renovate it and put up some new buildings. However on the day before Christmas Eve 2015 a huge fire broke out there. The smoke from it was spotted at 1.40 PM by motorists on the A82 which runs along the far shore of Loch Ness. The fire brigade used six hosepipes for two hours in order to bring the fire under control, but by then sixty percent of the house was destroyed. Luckily the house was empty at the time and nobody was hurt. Source: Nothing has been published in the media about the cause of the fire; it's possible the fire brigade are still investigating. Could the house's spooky reputation be connected to the fire? It can't be ruled out seeing as there are recorded paranormal incidents of ghosts that start fires, see: Incidentally this may be related to the frightening phenomenon of SHC- spontaneous human combustion; I'll be covering that in detail in an upcoming post. The current owners are very upset by the fire. They had just finished doing a lot of building work on the property and had hoped to put it on the market this year. They commented: "We spent a lot of money, stripping it back to the bare walls and re-roofing it... It is unlikely it will ever be rebuilt unless there is someone out there with an interest in the occult wanting to spend a lot of money." I hope Boleskine House will be rebuilt one day; if I had the cash myself I'd consider donating it. Maybe Jimmy Page will; if you're reading this, Jimmy. Or perhaps the magickal legacy of Aleister Crowley, "the most evil man in Britain!", has finally come to an end. Whatever the fate of Boleskine House, whoever decides to use it for anything, they need to gather some qualified people to perform a healing ritual and shut that portal, the one that was so recklessly left open by Crowley all those years ago. If this had been carried out before, then the fire might not have happened.       


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this post. Excellent

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're welcome, X. Glad you liked it. I'll be writing some more about SHC soon.

Tino said...

Very interesting Ben, what a spooky place that looks. I've just had a look on google earth, but the house is obscured by trees.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I tried to find it as well, Tino, but it can't be seen from the road. That's probably why Crowley chose it. I assume trees were standing there in his day too.

Anonymous said...

Hi nice blog. thank you.

There appears 2b conflicting dates in MSM (Shocker!) Some say 23rd of Dec some say 22nd. Some have even amended their dates frm 22nd to 23rd. Strange that..

It WAS 22nd.
I know because I live only a few miles frm it!

Funnily enuf the Glasgow Bin Lorry (Lie frm beginning to end) happened on 22nd of Dec 2014. AND Lockerbie plane bomb was 22nd of Dec also. (can't mind yr off top o my head)

The illuminated LOVE the number 22!
Was the fire a ritual??
Plus the amount of "Historical" buildings in scotland that have gone up in flames is UNBELIEVABLE. Destroying evidence?

The 22nd is also the date of the Winter Solstice!

Did you also know that there us a cult that are currently living 1 mile from Boleskine House?? Interesting eh?!

As far as I am aware theres still no word about the cause of the fire..

Please feel free to have a look at my blog.. (apologies. needs updated slightly)

Stephen. said...

I think Crowley inprision Demons in that house. The number 22 is above the Masonic building in Liverpool.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Crowley apparently raised demons at his house in London too. This was in Buckingham Palace Road. Google has its UK headquarters there now.

Unknown said...

Very interesting

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...