Friday 27 April 2012

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Richplanet TV

Ben Emlyn-Jones has been interviewed a second time on Richplanet TV. He was interviewed before back in 2010; in those days it was called The Richplanet Starship, see here for that programme: . The second interview covers two programmes.
Part 1 is all about Ben’s discharge from the Hospital Portering Service, see here for background: . (It’s also the 100th currently available Richplanet TV show; congratulations Richard!)
Part 2 is where he and Richard D Hall discuss other subjects like UFO’s and institutional child abuse. It also contains a brief report into an amazing recent UFO event in Yorkshire.
The first programme was broadcast on the 20th of May 2012 and the second on the 27th of May on Showcase TV, which can be found in the UK on Sky channel 201. Both programmes are now available to watch free online. See:


The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Really enjoyed the shows Ben.
Good stuff!
Hopefully see you at Richard's 2012 Tour.
Carl (The 'Guide)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Carl. Glad you liked it. I'm going to the Walton-on-Thames one (London) so if you go there we'll meet up.