Friday 24 June 2016

Will Donald Trump be Assassinated?

We are going through a period which feels to me like an increasingly violent conquest of the entire world by everything that is establishment. After decades of renowned and traditional cynicism and hostility towards it, it looks probable that the British public are about to agree to "REMAIN" in the European Union; and there are many suspicious circumstances surrounding this, see: and: and: Just two days earlier a British man was arrested when trying to snatch a policeman's gun at a rally by the US Presidential candidate Donald Trump, see: This is the second such attempt and Trump's public events have been marred by less acute but more widespread violence. After some consideration I've come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is definitely not an establishment candidate and that his accession to the last stages of the process is an aberration that was not intended by the powers-that-be. Hillary Clinton is the chosen one. For this reason she will have to face an opponent that she can easily beat. Trump is not this opponent; in fact there's a good chance that, face-to-face, the manipulators will be unable to control the situation and Trump will defeat Hillary. This will not be allowed to happen. Trump will be removed one way or another. Enemies of the Clinton family traditionally die in suspicious plane crashes. Maybe this will be their method. On the other hand it could be a heart attack or other disease. Trump is seventy years old, not a young man. How could you prove foul play if he were to suddenly fall off the perch?

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