Wednesday 3 February 2016

Swansea UFO Network Video

The official recording of my recent lecture at the Swansea UFO Network is now available. My lecture is entitled Energy Politics and UFO's. See here for background: Thanks very much to Emlyn, Laurence, Mike, Steve, Gaynor and everybody else at SUFON. It was a lovely evening and I really enjoyed it. The weather was terrible and you can hear on the recording the rain and wind battering the marquee we were in, so I appreciate everybody who braved it to attend.


Kavin Studio said...

wow,,,great,,,it helpful and interesting post.Thanks to share it.Always with you.

Laurence said...

A lucid talk Ben despite the circumstances. (You somewhat resemble a Jonah figure in the video, i.e. as though you have been swallowed whole by a whale. Moreover, as you share a surname with Jonah, now that I think of it, perhaps you could be regarded as a modern day prophet!)

I was impressed by your take on the significance of Tesla and concur on his relative obscurity. National Geographic released recently a dramatised documentary of Tesla's problems with Edison. Strange how they billed the film as Tesla v Edison when, according to your research, Tesla v JP Morgan and the Rockefellers, would have been more appropriate. Make of it what you will.

More here: National Geographic Tesla Documentary

For what it is worth, I am not convinced by Dr. Wood's case on the mechanism of the Twin Tower's destruction. I would like to see calculations and a laboratory test study consisting of high pressure stress testing of concrete and steel reinforcement. My instinct tells me that those buildings were built in a hurry with inadequate quality control during construction. Perhaps that is what the authorities are trying to cover up! In my opinion, Wood has jumped the gun spectacularly. The possibility of demonstrating over-unity in the lab, however, no matter how negligible, is intriguing enough IMO.