Thursday 14 May 2015

Tom Crawford Wins in Court

Tom Crawford has been returned to court over his case following the completely unsuccessful attempt to evict him from his home a few weeks ago. This was repulsed by a popular uprising of over seven hundred of Tom's supporters and well-wishers; I wish so much I had been able to attend myself. Amazingly his creditors, Bradford and Bingley, never even showed up in court. Very strangely, their legal team do not want a fee; how often do solicitors not want their fees!? It seems that their entire case has fallen apart and they're trying to save face; blaming computer errors and other excuses. Tom's daughter Amanda Pike has issued another statement on Facebook:
Share, share, share! Can't tag everyone (on Facebook). Here's the news from big poppa Crawford:
Basically... we've shown the court that we're in honour. But Bradford and Bingley have dishonoured the court by not turning up. And the reason is because we won and they lost. The judge basically ruled in our favour, but tried save face with clever words. It appears that it's against us, but it's actually for us. Remember this fucker works for the banks basically. So has to do it the right way to seem better and speaks in legalise. He's protecting his investors ultimately.

This is excellent news. I truly love this world when I see justice being done. I hope it encourages others to rebel against the crooked and oppressive financial system that is one of the most common weapons the elite use to control us. My good friend and fellow radio show presenter Lisa Sunkmanitu Wakan has been covering this case in more detail than I have, see: Lisa was also a guest on the HPANWO Show where we brought up this subject, see: and: When the eviction was due about seven hundred people showed up; they filled the entire street in Nottingham. What was sad was that some of Tom's neighbours came out to abuse and criticize the protesters. Why? It could be them next! Don't they have unlawful mortgages too? Unfortunately this is the effect of negative propaganda in the mainstream media; I hope broadcasts like mine and Lisa's are helping to break through that.


Anonymous said...

congrats wish you well

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Yes. Je suis Tom

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