Saturday, 20 October 2012

"Petrol produced from Air and Water"

I saw this on the BBC earlier today: Let's leave aside the pat climate change statements: is this any different to the hydrogen-powered car sensation? "It sounds too good to be true"? This is the same way the hydrogen-powered car was marketed. This new fuel sounds miraculous, but it's important to understand that the ingredients for conventional fossil fuels are present in things like air and water: hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. This is not free energy; don't get it confused with the water-powered car designed by Stanley Meyer and others. All this does is extract the fuel elements of petrol from air and water using conventional methods like electrolysis. This is schoolboy science that can be done by anybody. Of course far more electrical energy is needed to make the fuel than the fuel contains. Even this report admits that, like the hydrogen-powered car, this is a method of fuel storage and not generation. I wouldn't be surprised if this story has the ulterior motive of distraction and confusion. See here for more details:

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