Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Interview on KTPF

I have been interviewed very briefly on a radio show with a great name: Keeping The Paranormal Friendly; KTPF for short. See: My interview is at 1.06.10 (But the whole show is definitely worth listening to!). There's also a link to the homepage of KTPF in the Links column of the HPANWO Radio blog.

During the live broadcast the show is illustrated by a live webcam feed of the presenters' studio, which they call "the Hub". The sound quality in this episode is not terribly good; there were a few technical problems during the broadcast, but we are audible. The event I discuss is one I've written an article about before, here: Another regular co-presenter is Stephen Mera whom I met at the Fourth Annual British Exopolitics Expo. I interview him here in Part 8 of my HPANWO TV reportage Disclosure City People, here:

(Sorry HPANWO has been quiet these last few days; I've had no time to post because Sheila, my daughter's grandmother, has sadly passed away.)

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