Monday 18 June 2012

JR Social Club Update

I've been back to the site of the John Radcliffe Sports and Social Club three months after it shut; see here for background: I had to sneak secretly into the hospital grounds because I'm banned from entering the site except as as a patient or vistor, and I took a few photoes through the windows. The place looks very forlorn and unloved. It made me feel sad.
Despite claims by the hospital's management that it was necessary to shut the Club as soon as possible because the building was needed for some new office or other, they don't seem to be in hurry to convert the site now... not now they've achived their goal! I think the Social Club was a threat to the "New Hospital Order", the one which is trying to break down the National Health Service by stripping its servicemen of self-esteem, comradeship and community spirit. Even as an ex-NHS serviceman I still feel strongly about that. At the end of the day they need our cooperation with that, and it's up to us whether we collude with the new mindset or not. We can keep our chins up and, as Arthur Seaton said: "not let the bastards grind us down!"

Here are the photoes I took:

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