Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nick Pope at the MUFON Symposium 2012

Nick Pope is to speak at this year’s MUFON Symposium, see:  (Also, see Links column on the main HPANWO site)

As regular HPANWO-readers will know, I have followed this man’s career closely over the years, see: . He used to be famous for being Great Britain’s “official” UFOlogist, an essential ingredient at UFO conferences around the world and the man the media always turned to whenever they wanted somebody to give a comment on a UFO story. But in more recent years he has become more renowned as a debunker of so-called “conspiracy theories”, often appearing on TV debates and on stage at conferences to detract accusations of Government involvement in events like 9/11.

As you know, I vehemently disagree with Nick on many subjects, but I’ve still not heard him formally denounce the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. As far as I know Nick still accepts that some UFO events have no mundane explanation, and he still discusses UFO’s on his website. The MUFON blurb doesn’t say what the topic of his lecture is going to be; will it be UFO-related, or will he once again attempt to explain 9/11 in terms of actions by the officially nominated culprits? The Symposium is going to be held on August the 3rd to the 6th at the Northern Kentucky Convention Centre in Covington, Kentucky, USA. Unfortunately I can’t get to this conference, so if anybody is going along, please let me know; I’d be interested to hear what Nick’s speech is all about.

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