Friday 16 March 2012

Insider Posers

Since the rise of the Internet many people have fought the New World Order by trying to seek out insiders who are actually involved in secret government operations and interviewing them. These interviews they usually film or record and they are then put up online for people to watch or listen to. The objective is to reveal the machinations of the Illuminati to public scrutiny and neutralize the secrecy that is vital to their successful accomplishment. The best known of these researchers are probably Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot; see the Links column on the main HPANWO site. These researchers usually ask for witnesses to come forward and speak out. Many people have answered this call, but how many of them are really what they say they are?

The sheer numbers of people who run out of the crowd with stories of being secret operatives from deep inside the Illuminati, or whatever other form the secret world government manifests in their world; or witnesses to the above, is staggering. There are hundreds of individuals currently available to watch. The best known of these are probably Dan Burrish, see: , Phil Schneider, see: and “Colonel X”, see: . The problem with this kind of testimony is that it is almost always purely circumstantial or eye-witness-based; very rarely can these people produce any direct evidence. This is not a criticism of them, as the Skeptics tend to make it; this is merely an inevitable factual nature of the act of speaking out about something at these levels of secrecy. The Illuminati are not so stupid as to leave direct evidence lying around for anybody to pick up. They don’t keep documents about psychotronic implants stacked up in out-trays; they would never store parts of a UFO in filing cabinets; they don’t let the waiters at the Bilderberger Group conferences bring cameras with them to work. Even people initiated into a very high level of operations would be carefully screened during their duties to make sure they had no more knowledge than was strictly necessary for their function and they would certainly be stopped from taking any evidence home from work at the end of the day! This means that these witnesses can only usually be judged by how honest they appear to be, how credible does their story sound? And unfortunately there are plenty of people out there who are both attention-seekers, desperate for fifteen minutes of fame, and are also perfectly capable of throwing together a half-decent yarn. This has created a major signal-to-noise ratio problem; rather like the one I’ve already spoken about to do with alien videos, see:

So what do we do about this? How do we sort the wheat from the chaff? Well I think the best way is to assess exactly what the motives of the interviewee seem to be. This has led me to identify a particular type of witness... or professed witness... that I call the “Insider Poser”. These are people whose prime objective for speaking out seems to be less to disseminate truth as to make themselves look good! Here is a rough profile:

Firstly: The witness will preach the “Military Religion” (See: They will claim to be in the Armed Forces or ex-Armed Forces and will constantly refer to that fact at every opportunity; they will regale the host with anecdotes thereof to the point of obsession.
Secondly: a desperate and morbid fixation on Doom and Gloom-mongering. The witness will have a very cynical and pessimistic attitude towards the future and will argue that virtually all hope is lost and the New World Order is inevitably going to triumph. They will pour dismissive scorn on anybody who disagrees, describing them as naive and in denial; unable to face the harsh truth. The implication of this is that the witness is superior because they can face the harsh truth and have far more experience of life and worldly-wisdom. Another source of their superiority is that because they’re a “super-soldier/mercenary/gangster” or related breed of hard-man, they will survive the “apocalypse to come” when their inferiors, i.e.: most other people, will not.
Thirdly: the witness will display an obsession with Social Darwinism. They will continuously express their opinion that it's a "Dog-eat-dog world, Man!" "Survival of the fittest!" "Law of the jungle!" They will claim that humans are biologically hardwired to be violent, exploitative and hurtful to each other. Again the implication is that they are at the top of the food chain in this social jungle. With their super-soldier “Hey, man! I’ve been there!”, seen-it-all-and-done-it-all worldly-wisdom, they are superior and will survive; while the inferior people, like the person interviewing them and the people watching the video, will not. They will also sneer derisively at anybody with any moral and ethical instincts; again describing such people as naive and drugged up with woolly idealism. They might even be sympathetic to the Illuminati themselves and see the New World Order as natural.

By far the best example I’ve found of the above is “Charles”, see: . As soon as I realized that I look like “Charles” from behind I decided to make some comedy films lampooning him. These two videos have become almost as popular as the original interview and I’ve been delighted that most of the viewers understand the joke, see: and: . As far as I’m concerned “Charles” is a complete mountebank and Bill Ryan should have known better than to give this arrogant Cockney blagger a platform. Even though I find it hard to take any of them seriously, generally speaking I can never prove that any individual I think of as an Insider Poser is definitely lying; it’s possible that they might be real insiders telling the truth (I certainly don't include Schneider, Dean or "Colonel X" as Insider Posers). However when they are very obviously using their access to the public to aggrandize and glorify themselves, while patronizing their host and viewers, then alarm bells should be ringing for all of us.

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