Wednesday 8 June 2011

Clarks Chemtrails

This is an advert for Clarks shoes that I found in a magazine. See the Chemtrail? This subtle injection of 'Trails into the media is happening more and more, maybe to acclimatize us into seeing them as harmless and everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the "New Atheism". Like so much of what we cal science, these days it is probably supported and funded by a covert agenda a al man-made global warming. (Oh no, I sound like a conspiracy theorist). It goes hand-in-hand with the eugenic "right to die" agenda that is being promulgated by the good old BBC.

I have noticed recently an agenda that is rising to the forefront of the matrix - one that attempts to deconstruct, and turn into a mental health issue, those who espouse any notion that events political, religious or financial, might not be as they are presented in the mainstream media. David Aronovitch is one such person and he is now being pursued by an entourage of quasi-sociolgical acolytes only too willing to tout their "theories" on the BBC and elsewhere. I listened to one such person on the Today Programme this very morning. He adopted the usual gauche deconstruction techniques (We've seen it before with UFOs) to state that all conspiracy theorists are men and that they are pathological. I'm just waiting for them to start marketing the vaccine for it.

As for me....I remain a sceptic - with a C, but I apply my scepticism to the tat that comes out of the BBC and the other gorgon-headed outlets of the maistream media.

Oops sorry Ben, I think I posted this in the wrong place.

Dave T