Thursday 17 February 2011

The Afghan Roswell

(You have for wait a few minutes for this Coast to Coast show’s intro to get to the part where George Noory talks to the guest about the UFO in Afghanistan.) The photo used to illustrate this radio segment looks to me very like the one in this mysterious film found in Russia: … if it’s real of course!

This could be one of the reasons the Western military is so active in Afghanistan right now. I’m not for a second suggesting that the UNICAL pipeline is just a cover-story; it’s not. The Taliban excuse is, but the pipeline is not. There are many researchers coming forward with claims of secret archaeological expeditions, that there is ancient technology in that part of the world, even a stargate! I don’t know for sure. I actually talked about this to somebody I know who’s just left the army and he vehemently denied it. “Ben, I was in the army in Afghanistan and I never heard anything about it.” I replied: “Why should you? Just because you were in the army and in the country doesn’t mean you’d be told unless you were directly involved in the operation to salvage the object. You don’t have need-to-know.” This upset him for some reason.

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