Thursday 11 February 2010

"Operation Moshtarak" in Afghanistan


This story has been parroted on the TV for two days now by smiling newsreaders who can’t seem to see its obvious flaws. Perhaps the promotion of the Cult of the Soldier (Background: has resulted in the media believing its own propaganda, that the religious ecstasy we’re meant to feel has made us ignorant to basic military strategy, and that such a strategy is the domain of the Glorious Priesthood and can therefore be broadcast with impunity because the huddled masses are so struck dumb and wide-eyed with awe and humility!

This new offensive “Operation Moshtarak” is nothing more than a publicity stunt! If it was a serious attack then what happened to the element of surprise? Imagine Winston Churchill coming on the BBC radio talking about “Next week will be D-Day. Wish our forces luck and don’t tell any Germans you might know.” Duh!

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