Friday 10 July 2009

Aliens spotted by Policeman near Silbury Hill

Thanks to Mark Muzrdg for bringing this to my attention:

Here’s the page with the details of the incident which happened on Tuesday: . The fact that the witness is a police officer is significant. The police are extremely good witnesses and do not habitually make spurious claims without good reason.

This astounding story reminds me of the books written by Ann Andrews. Here’s an interview with Ann: . In November 2007 I visited Ann’s house with my friend Ellis Taylor (See links column on the main site) and I’ve written an article about what it was like: . In her books about her family’s experiences Ann describes how they were stalked and monitored by strange humanoid creatures and Men-in-Black while they walked through the farmers’ fields near their former house in Kent. Such incidents still occur at their current address. They describe beings which look fairly like average humans; dressed in suits etc, but they can run extremely fast and leap very high into the air.

The area around Avebury and Silbury Hill is renowned for its high strangeness, as I found out myself a couple of weeks ago. See: .

I’ll keep you posted on this story.

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