Wednesday 27 May 2009

Wanted- Big Brother Snoopers

See this news story:

The government is recruiting an army of gatekeeps to serve its Big Brother Agenda. These are people like traffic wardens, hospital security officers, car park attendants and other second-echelon state forces. There are even rumours about hospital staff being given "Pace Cards"; I'll refuse to carry one if this is true! David Icke has related how he was contacted by a traffic warden who was worried about this. The question that comes to mind is: if these people now have the powers currently held by police officers... what powers will police officers have!?

Sadly the Government will have no difficulty in filling its ranks with applicants. There are no shortage of overgrown school bullies who crave a uniform, status and power over others. We've been deliberately conditioned by the media to desire these things. See these articles for details: and

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