Sunday, 22 March 2009

Police Embrace Common Purpose

Common Purpose is a very sinister organization. Here is their website: . They're not overtly political, have no published agenda or goal and do not stand for elections, but they are playing a crucial role in the drowning of Britain in the Internationalist dictatorships of the EU and then the proposed global government, the New World Order; and they aim to do it so slowly and stealthily that the masses do not even notice it's happening! Just take a look at their "About Us" page. Does it make any sense to you? If not then this is a warning sign. Underhand organizations invariably have official statements of purpose and mission that make no sense. You read them and you still don't know what they're about! This is the same with the Tavistock Institute which I've written about before. See here:

It has come to my attention from a fellow freedom-fighter in The United People's Community ( that Thames Valley Police, the force which covers the Oxfordshire area, is involved with Common Purpose and what's more their involvement has increased over the last few years. Check out these figures that he obtained from the Freedom of Information Act (You'll need the Adobe Acrobat reader):
Now take a look at this; it's a brilliant lecture by Brian Gerrish, a man who is currently working very hard to stop Common Purpose:

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