Saturday 7 March 2015

I'm Speaking at Probe!

... but not untill October. The March 2015 UK Probe International conference is getting underway in just three weeks time, the 28th and 29th, see: My good friends Ellis Taylor and Tony Topping will be among the line-up of fascinating speakers. I thoroughly recommend this biannual conference and I'm sad that I won't be able to attend this spring. I've reported on the Probe experience many times, most recently last October, see: I've always wanted to speak there because the conference has a special place in my heart and so I was delighted when the organizer Sam Wright phoned me up out of the blue and asked me if I could speak at the next conference of autumn 2015. The Probe speakers list is arranged up to eighteen months in advance and the last estimate I had was spring 2016 at the earliest so it's lovely to know I'll be on stage there sooner. I'm not sure yet what my talk will be about, but if it's one I've done before then I'll have to pare it down because I only get one hour on stage. Nevertheless it is an hour I will look forward to very much. I don't know what the dates are yet. At the moment Sam and the other organizers are busy with the upcoming March conference. As soon as details are available I will post another notice.

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