Friday 13 March 2015

Carla Buckle returned to Court

Carla Buckle, is a good friend and anti-NWO comrade who was arrested and jailed a few months ago, see background links. There has been a lot of concern for her because she was summoned back to court today, the unlucky Friday the 13th of March. Perhaps it's not so unlucky because I can now report that Carla is still a free woman. She has not been imprisoned again. I cannot tell you any more in terms of details of the case because it involves confidential information that could be needed in a judicial review. I just wanted to let everybody know who was worried about Carla that she is alright and feels happy over the outcome of today's proceedings.

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Anonymous said...

Poor woman, Glad to hear all is well (at the moment). If only this time and effort were utilised by the system in meaningful ways, hey . . . that is why it's a 'system' Ben!. Thanks for the report