Saturday, 21 March 2015

Carla Buckle Raided

Last week I reported on how Carla Buckle had been summonsed back to court, see: On the 12th of March, the day before, her home was broken into by two men. They used a power tool and did considerable damage to her front door while forcing entry. They claimed to be bailiffs acting under the authority of a court enabling order, but when Carla asked to see the document they would not let her examine it closely. This was because it had no stamp or signature. Carla called the police and when they turned up the first thing she did was ask the officers if they were acting under their oath of office as constables: to enforce common law, to protect and serve the people, and to fight crime. It is not the duty of the police to aid and abet corporate extortion, see background links below for more details. The police responded that Carla and her friend who was there to help her were "talking jargon!" The bailiffs then informed Carla that they were carrying out a warrant sale on her belongings. This is where they said that they'd come back and confiscate some personal property to sell supposedly in order to make up the penalty fee. This is a ludicrous motive of course; second hand household goods are practically worthless. Warrant sales are nothing more than petty punishment. Sadly the two officers who attended betrayed their oath of office and guarded the two corporate burglars as they made off with some of Carla's belongings. As she herself said: "Agents of the matrix. Its time we hired these bailiffs to harrass the bankers, At least they would be guaranteed their money!" Carla filmed the drama as it unfolded, but when she posted the video on Facebook an argument broke out between different factions of the Truth movement, yet again. In this case it was some people involved in the subject who disputed Carla's case. It makes me sad that casual bickering always accompanies the genuinely important issues, see: Carla will shortly be a guest on the HPANWO Show on HPANWO Radio where we will discuss more details and hopefully give you an update on the situation. See links column.

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Anonymous said...

While we were too busy looking and judging what was going on behind the iron curtain, we lost what was behind our own.

"Suddenly he woke up, a nobody, a nobody in a police state where nobody is allowed to be a nobody" Flow My Tears Said The Policeman (Philip K Dick)