Friday 4 July 2014

How Many More, Rolf?

The TV celebrity Rolf Harris has been sentenced to five years and nine months in prison for four sexual assaults against young girls between 1968 and 1985, see: Harris has this image of geniality, eccentricity and light-heartedness that made him a star entertainer for children, including me when I was a young TV viewer. Amazingly, he even took part in a child abuse helpline fundraiser, see: If Rolf Harris can be a closet paedophile, then anybody can. I wonder how many other top media stars have this covert dark side. In his home town in Australia all his photos have been taken down; there was even a "Rolf Harris Appreciation Society", but I expect it has now been disbanded. This whole affair follows the investigation into the crimes of Jimmy Savile, see:

It's high time people started asking some serious questions. If any establishment in the world had two of its leading figures convicted of rape and sexual assault against minors the police should tear the place to bits, questions everybody and suspend whatever regulatory permission that outfit has to operate until the matter was resolved. Yet the BBC retains its broadcasting licence and is still on the air; it continues to take the Queen's Shilling from the taxpayer and the organization itself has never been analysed in any criminal investigation; the exception being "Operation Yewtree", but that deals solely with the prolific offences of Jimmy Savile. The general consensus right now is that the BBC is completely innocent in these affairs and were as shocked as everybody else that at least two of its leading on-screen personalities were leading a double life which involved the sexual abuse of underage boys and girls, including alleged crimes committed on its premises and in its care. "Oh my God! We had no idea!" (Raises hands in shock). And this wasn't even just a one-off blunder; it went on for a very long time. Jimmy Savile's criminal activities date back to his earliest appearances on BBC radio and TV, that's nearly fifty years ago. As we've heard, Rolf Harris has been carrying out attacks for almost as long. Are these really just two "bad apples" who coincidentally got away with what they did through some monumental oversight by the Corporation? Does anybody actually believe that? In my view there is no way these evil men could have achieved what they did without a massive network of institutional collusion; it must have a large numbers of members in highly powerful positions in the heart of the BBC. As far as we know this network is still at large, we must assume that; and so far there has been no investigation into its existence at all. The good news is that public scepticism and defiance is growing; plenty of people are asking the necessary questions. TV Licence evasion has now reached endemic levels, see: When will this monstrous sickness be healed? Soon I hope. Harris and Savile were just little titbits thrown to the tiger, an attempt to pacify the quest for truth. But the tiger is getting hungry again and they're running out of titbits!


Some Moosh said...

Greetings Ben!

Very pertinent comments concerning Rolf Harris. If you're interested to investigate the full extent of institutional paedophilia then you could do no worse than go here:

Mr. Spivey was the first person to break the news that Harris was arrested on child abuse charges; people were incredulous at the time! You may also be intrigued by the most detailed investigation of the Woolwich hoax of 22nd May 2013 which has received an awful lot of attention from every quarter, both friendly and not so friendly. In fact, I have never known any site to be so attacked by the full force of modern electronic warfare. Only last weekend Mr. Spivey's team fended off two botnets of four hundred marks each; that means a total of eight hundred infected PCs in a co-ordinated attack against the site!

Somebody REALLY doesn't like what Mr. Spivey has to say...

So, you may have a little difficulty getting on to it but persevere!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, SR. I know Spivey and find his website really interesting :-) I suspect it is his work on the Woolwich Hoax which warented such extreme attention.