Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Airline Pilot sees a UFO

As a new year begins we can look back on 2013 and examine the UFO evidence that appeared during the last twelve months. One of the most interesting cases occurred in July and was published by The Daily Mirror just before Christmas, see: The source document for the article is the minutes of an air safety incident reports meeting held in November. The relevant incident is numbered 2013086 and is near the bottom of the page: This strange event took place at 6.35 PM on the 19th of July of 2013. The witness was the pilot of an Airbus A320 airliner flying at 34,000 feet over Reading, Berkshire, about twenty miles west of Heathrow Airport. He saw an object heading directly for his aircraft at rapid speed from the left. He had no time to react and the object passed by harmlessly. The pilot half expected to feel an impact and asked his co-pilot if he’d seen anything, to which the latter replied negative. The pilot describes the object as being cigar shaped or like a rugby ball, but silvery metallic in colour. The report toys with the idea of him seeing a helium balloon, but had the honestly to dismiss it. He felt an immediate intuitive danger to his aircraft and was clearly relieved when there was no collision; a toy balloon would be unlikely to trigger this reaction. The unknown “aircraft” has never been identified; it was not listed on air traffic control and was not picked up by radar. UFO sightings by pilots are comparatively common, as you would expect seeing as they spend so much time high up in the sky looking at what’s around them; however sometimes pilots are reluctant to officially report them because they’re worried about fitness or disciplinary repercussions from their employers and aviation authorities. One of the most interesting encounters was the remarkable objects spotted by Captain Ray Bowyer near the Channel Islands in 2007, see: Skeptics have suggested that he saw an airship, however Capt. Bowyer judges the object as being at least a mile in length. The largest airship ever built, the Hindenburg, was only 805 feet long, just a fraction of the length reported by an experienced pilot who is trained in visual intelligence; also modern airships are all far smaller than Hindenburg. I’ve a feeling that if a “deal-breaker” sighting of a UFO takes place, one that could lead to official Disclosure, then the pilots and passengers of an airliner will probably be involved. I’m looking forward to hearing what appears in the skies in 2014. Happy New Year, everybody.  

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