Sunday 30 November 2014

Another Mysterious Explosion

On Saturday morning, the day before the time of writing and less than five days after the mysterious explosion in Manchester, see:, another very similar event has happened. This took place at around 3 AM at the Catterick Garrison, a huge military complex near Richmond, North Yorkshire. The police were alerted when members of the public called to say they’d heard a large explosion coming from the direction of the base. The emergency services and army guard posts were put on full alert; the A1 main road, which runs beside the base, was closed. As with the event in Manchester, the emergency services could find no evidence of any explosion when a blast able to make that much noise should have an instantly manifest cause. The search of the area revealed a cache of old discarded detonators in the Marne Barracks area of the compound; but the authorities were keen to stress that this was not the cause of the strange noise that had alarmed the public. The road remained closed and the area sealed off until the evening, causing a lot of disruption to travel, including fans attending major football matches. The main concerns had been related to terrorism, but this was ruled out very quickly, see: The similarity to the Manchester incident, its proximity in time and the lack of a perceived cause, leads me to think the two explosions might be connected. As I say in the background article, there could me many actual causes that the government might want to keep quiet, a UFO crash, an embarrassing accident, something related to fracking. There have been a lot of sinkholes in the region lately and many people have been wondering why when fracking companies have begun taking over large areas at the same time, see: Or perhaps the incident is genuinely inexplicable to all. In the Manchester report I talk about what I once read in Nexus magazine concerning mysterious explosive noises breaking out and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. The Nexus article was penned by a German researcher called Olaf Thomas Raabe; he posits that the high energy collisions of particles in the LHC cause time-delayed and spatially-shifted explosions with a yield of about a megaton, that’s larger than most nuclear bombs. These blasts would appear out of nowhere and have no obvious physical cause but could be traced directly to the LHC operations by calculating where and when they break out. I’m also concerned that the government is engaged is a psychological warfare test on the general public. Maybe they want to know how we react to loud bangs when we first hear them, in case they’re preparing for something to happen very soon, something else explosive and something that is very real indeed, see:


Neil Austin said...

Very interesting again Ben. Once again, my instinct was to refer back to 7/7 Ripple Effect. Was not the first chapter entitled 'Bomb hoaxes leading up to 7th July 2005' or words to that effect? This ties in, as you point out, with the notion that something is brewing
and my comment to the same post.
Incidentally, I work very near Manchester and many of my clients commute there daily. I will keep my ear to the ground regarding news of the Manchester 'bang'. Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben. Thank you for the information, there is a consistency not only in incident but of possibility. Hope you are well

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Cheers, Neil. Much appreciated if you can get us some additional info :-) There's reports of more noises in New York. Could it be the Aurora spyplane and its sonic booms? If so, why is it deploying now?

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're welcome, X. I'm OK thanks. Hope you are too :-)