Sunday 9 November 2014

Zombie Update- November 2014

An almost unbelievable crime has taken place in Wales. In the early hours of last Thursday police were called to the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed, a small village in south Wales. There they came across the horrific sight of a man eating a woman. The police shot the assailant with a taser and arrested him; he later died at the scene after being treated by paramedics. His victim was already dead. She was later named as Cerys Marie Yemm a local college student who also worked at a clothes shop. The man who attacked her was Matthew Williams (not to be confused with the Welsh crop circle researcher). He had a history of violence and had just completed a prison sentence for assaulting his former girlfriend. He was living at the hotel, which was a temporary residence for the homeless and a halfway house for newly-released prisoners. It appears that he was Ms Yemm's current boyfriend. The post-mortem on her has not been completed, but it has been revealed that she suffered "severe facial injuries". William Graham, the local Welsh Assembly member, called this case "the stuff of nightmares!" There is a lot of controversy over the release of Mr Williams from jail and the lack of ex-offenders supervision over him. It immediately struck me that this horrible murder is very similar in nature to several others that have mysteriously and spontaneously broken out, for example the attack on a homeless man in Miami, Florida USA, see: Why are we seeing more and more of this behaviour? Is it connected to what I've been discussing for a long time, the possibility of real zombies emerging in our world? I've also been shown a textbook by a friend of mine who is a student at the Open University which proves that OU students are being taught about zombies as part of a course on technology and society; disturbingly it is part of a segment that talks about pandemic viruses. As you'll see in the background links and previous zombie updates, this has now become a virtually routine situation. What's going on?


Anonymous said...

Dear Ben. This is another shocking case, but is this shock as shocking as it should be?. There seems to be a culture of Zombie related material appearing, within the space of just 12 months on the BBC for example with an upcoming 'I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse' and last years 'In the Flesh' about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse alone. Coincidence? OR an attempt to introduce and benumb the public psyche with gradual supplementation of the subject?!. There seems to be a deadening of social conscious navigation in people , almost an externalizing of consciousness though technology and possible targeted application, viz chemtrails, energy directed fomat etc Therein de-rooting us from our inner lives at the root of consciousness in the subconscious.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

That's very true, X. It's an emergent "meme" as Richard Dawkins would call it. I think it's time for me to do another live show on this subject with all these new updates.