Thursday 20 November 2014

2015- Year of Disclosure?

Yes I know, you've heard this all before... but bear with me. If willing governmental Disclosure- with a capital D, is feasible, which I'm personally in two minds over, then could it happen next year, perhaps even soon after the new year? It's been an exciting decade in the world of exopolitics. There have been a myriad of conferences popping up all over the place including the Leeds Expoes which I'm involved with, see: There's also organizations being formed like the Disclosure Project and the Paradigm Research Group. Last year we had the PRG's Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, see: And now of course the follow-up Congressional Hearing Initiative is in progress, see: What effect is all this pressure having on the power structures keeping the truth about UFO's under wraps? What processes are going on under the surface? Will they eventually lead to them going public? At the time of writing tomorrow is Friday, the day of the week it's supposed to happen, early evening US Eastern Standard Time, close to midnight UK time. Could this be the day? If so then this article will be of enormous historical significance. If it doesn't happen tomorrow though does this mean that it can never happen? Maybe not; hopefully not. There are recent signs that could be interpreted as some kind of feedback from the realms of the truth embargo. Last August an article appeared in Veterans Today by Preston James which discusses alleged treaties between extraterrestrial civilizations and various human governments. Nazi Germany signed a deal with the "Nordic" aliens, China and the "Reptoids" came to an agreement, the Tall Greys and the US military also did; there are many more. What's interesting is that the island nation of Grenada comes up. In 1978 the prime minister of Grenada Sir Eric Gairy became the first and only, so far, national leader to initiate official political action on UFO's. In July 1978 he organized the United Nations Hearing on UFO Matters, an achievement Steve Bassett is currently trying to repeat, see link above. Along with himself the UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim attended, along with the astronaut Gordon Cooper and the official US govt UFOlogist J Allen Hynek. Interestingly Gairy was deposed from office in a coup d'etat a few months later; is there a connection? According to the article one of the treaties with the aliens has a sunset clause. The "secret shadow government" signed a deal with the Tall Greys that states the human party must bring in full Disclosure by the year 2015 or the TG's will disclose themselves with dazzling sky displays, which I assume means flying saucers hovering over every city etc, see: Of course the question is, can this information be verified? This is not the first time VT has written in an almost carefree manner and with enormous confidence about an extraordinary subject, see: They are not alone; on the 24th of June this year the Chinese language newspaper Epoch Times claimed that UFO's came up a few times in Wikileaks, see: It's hard to know if these stories are true or lies. If they're lies, why are they being told in such a blatant and elaborate manner?

The same could be said for another piece of information that I must thank my friend and fellow researcher Colin Woolford for finding. The UFOlogist and Roswell researcher Thomas Carey made an earth-shattering announcement during a live lecture on the 13th of November. He said that he had come into possession of a series of photographic slides which depict the dead body of an extraterrestrial being. He describes it as being smaller than an average human with a partly insect-like head. This matches the descriptions given by the mortician Glenn Dennis and other witnesses of the creatures inside the spacecraft which crashed at Roswell, New Mexico USA in 1947. Now, we hear a lot about alien autopsy pictures these days thanks to the success of the Santilli hoax, see: However, unlike Santilli, Carey says he has the original photographs, not just modern copies. He has taken these to the Kodak laboratory and they've been certified as coming from genuine 1947 film stock. Carey obtained the photographs from a woman who lives in Midland, Texas; she's a lawyer, a private pilot and wife of an oil company geologist. He doesn't name his source, but the amount of information he gave about her would hardly protect her anonymity. How many flying female lawyers in Midland, Texas have husbands who work for oil companies? Yes, we have on the line Domingo in Little Oakley! Carey says his informant was an intelligence agent in World War II; in that case she must be pretty old. Carey calls this "the smoking gun" of the Roswell Incident and says he plans to publish his findings in full early next year, see: Why doesn't he just publish them now? If they're that important as evidence why make the world wait? Also they need to be released for reasons of security. What if they get stolen by whoever wants to keep the truth about Roswell from getting out? They could stage a "burglary" at his home and take the only copies of the photographs known to be in existence. However if Carey released them this afternoon they'd be on Google Images by tea time and therefore indestructible. One distinct possibility is that any evidence that Carey is being given could be the planting of falsehoods. I hope not; the experience of former UFO researchers, like William L Moore, who made that Faustian bargain with US Government plc leads me to expect Carey to regret it bitterly, see: Will Thomas Carey's bombshell ever happen? If it happens will it be legitimate? Time will tell. I must say I'm confused and dubious about these latest news stories; I think it's too soon to dismiss them completely as hoaxes and/or disinformation, but we should be on our guard against that eventuality. What makes them interesting is the recurring timing they indicate: early 2015. Why are different reports of different subjects pointing to that time period? This is also just after the aforementioned Congressional Hearing Initiative; could it be possible that Steve Bassett is about to make a breakthrough? HPANWO-readers can decide for themselves by listening to him; he will be my guest on the HPANWO Show on Critical Mass Radio next Tuesday, at the time of writing, the 25th. In fact by the time you read this article the show might have already hit the air and the podcast will be available.
See here for my interview with Stephen Bassett on HPANWO Radio:


Anonymous said...

Great research and information Ben, much appreciated. Much like the concept of Rebirth and karma with-held information acts as a buffer to either possibility or further confusion. They appear to be an important method of interpretation of 'Truth' that some already intuit past the limited perception of the public. The disclosure or witholding avoids the trap of gross materialism, whilst using the empirical/rational mind. Mr Carey's evidence (if it is genuine) will still be attacked because of this reticence so when the 'Truth' is placed in the public arena the 'Truth' will still not be accepted by most. Much like the realization of the true nature of karmic momentum and the subconscious through direct experience likewise the belief and disclosure of Alien life may also have to be by direct experiance. This leads me to believe that some kind of 'display' of Alien craft for example may be the game changer, but the paradigm of political, dogmatic religious and egoistic centred thought will always stand in the way of us being able to interpret such a magnificent event as analyzers rather than the generalizers we as a social group seem more pre-disposed to do in the current global milieu. Interesting times Ben

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, X. That would make a good name for a newspaper! Of course there are some people who will never be convinced even if Thomas Carey is being honest and will deliver what he promises. My concern about any revelation from ET would probably be twisted by the PTB's. Bryce Zabel said that if thew aliens were hostile we might have to forgive our governments and unite to save the planet... But what if thew govts SAID they're hostile even if they're NOT just to pacify us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben. You are exactly right regarding GOVs and telling us if aliens are 'hostile' or not. I think this will be the case in disclosure if it arrives. This will be the beginning of 'Universitas Politicus'.