Friday 7 November 2014

James Randi and the Military Industrial Complex

Skeptics are rather like political parties; no matter how much their world is falling apart they will always maintain a glossy and positive public image. The shop window looks impressive every day, even when the stock is rotten and the books are blood red on every page. Christopher Bollyn is an investigative journalist who writes for the American Free Press, which is related to Jim Tucker's now-defunct conspiratorial newspaper The Spotlight. He has written extensively on 9/11, geopolitics and conspiracy theory, and he has recently published an article on James Randi that supports a lot of my own research. At the age of eighty-six, James Randi is still very active as the grandfather and godfather of the modern Skeptic movement; famed for his critiques of Uri Geller, psychics and the paranormal. Uncontradictable, supposedly, through his Million Dollar Challenge, he styles himself as the nightmare of spiritualist charlatans, homeopathic conmen and psychic frauds. However many times I and others have lifted the veil on his lily-white persona, see background links at the bottom. Now Bollyn has found evidence of what I've long suspected- that Randi and therefore probably much more of the Skeptic milieu, is controlled by the government. Randi's organization, the James Randi Educational Foundation, was founded in 1996 with the help of a rich sponsor; Rick Adams. The foundation describes Adams as an "internet pioneer", which is literally true; however it fails to mention his connections to DARPA, the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Government. This organization is behind a wide range of military and law enforcement applications for science and technology. It's also reputed to be involved in such programmes as HAARP, chemtrails, mass-surveillance technology and transhumanism. Adams was also involved with SAIC, the Scientific Applications International Corporation, which is notorious in the world of 9/11 research. Adams is treasurer of the JREF and therefore takes care of the million dollar prize fund for Randi's legendary challenge, which is his own donated money. It took a while before this information was even made public; for a long time the rumour was that the JREF's benefactor was Johnny Carson, the TV host who supported a lot of Randi's work. The JREF pays no tax at all under US law because of its "educational" status. It's often assumed, and Randi gives the distinct impression, that the foundation is headquartered at Randi's home in Florida USA, but it's not. Its business address is actually at Rick Adams' office in Falls Church, Virginia USA. However the JREF is not the only organization based in that office, so too is General Dynamics, a major defence contractor and a part of the military-industrial complex. Another firm located at that same office address, a large building towering over Fairview Park Drive in Falls Church, is the Jose Alvarez Art Studio LLC. This is run by Jose Alvarez. Alvarez, whose real name is Deyvi Peña, is an accomplice in many of Randi's escapades of humiliating deceit and media sensationalism. For instance he played "Carlos", a fake spiritual guru, in the famous hoax Randi pulled on the people of Australia, see: He and Randi are a gay couple and they got married in 2011 as soon as it became legal. Interestingly Alvarez is also the cousin of Willy Rodriguez, a man who claims to have been a cleaner at the World Trade Centre and who has been sited as a witness supporting the idea that the buildings were demolished using conventional explosives; I'll explain why that is suspicious below. See here for Bollyn's article: (As is often the case, I have to thank Steve Trueblue for bringing this to my attention, see:

However there is far more to this issue than Christopher Bollyn is saying in his story. This could be because Bollyn himself is not somebody I completely trust. He is described as a 9/11 "truther", a person who wishes to expose the conspiracy of 9/11 being an inside job; this is how he would describe himself too. Nevertheless he is very "thermitically correct" and would therefore be very hostile to what I consider the real story behind 9/11- that directed energy weapons were used. See the work of Andrew Johnson and Dr Judy Wood: This could be why Willy Rodriguez, a relative of Randi's partner Jose Alvarez, is connected to 9/11 research. Rodriguez' testimony has been used to dispute Dr Judy Wood's evidence, so was Rodriguez only put into the story to do just that? Is he an actor just like his cousin who played "Carlos"? As Bollyn says in his bio, he has directly assisted Prof. Stephen E Jones in his supposed 9/11 research which led to the notion that the Twin Towers were destroyed by thermite charges; in my view this is false. However I think it's more than just an accidental error; it's intended to deliberately lure curious people who are sceptical of their governments off the right track to exposing the crime of 9/11. As Andrew Johnson has explained, this is not the first time Stephen E Jones' muddy footprints have been found in a scientific controversy. He was behind the debacle that led to the dismissal of "Cold Fusion", see: Bollyn claims in his article that the entire reason the JREF is a front organization for the military-industrial complex is in order to suppress the truth of 9/11. It may well be the case that 9/11 reinvestigation is one of their targets, but no way does it stop there. The JREF and other Skeptic organizations like it have a much wider ranging and longer term strategic purpose. The JREF doesn't only address 9/11; it also ridicules and denies the subject of UFO's, cryptozoology, consciousness research, knowledge of the afterlife, free energy, alternative health, ghosts and much more. It supports things like GMO's, pharmaceutical medicine, atheism and man-made climate change. It basically stands by all the matters Skeptics like and dislike in general. There is a political element to all those issues, and to narrow it down to 9/11 alone is misleading. For example there's has been politically-motivated suppressions of psychics, see: We all know how to discredit Skeptics who support the official story of 9/11- that bin Laden did it with planes and nineteen hijackers; but we need to be wary of some of those who sound like they're on our side too. Whoever is behind 9/11 would not have overlooked the necessity to control their own opposition. What goes for 9/11 goes for all the other issues I listed above. Stay vigilant! 


Steve Trueblue said...

Have you struck a nerve Ben ? With this comment : He was behind the debacle that led to the dismissal of "Cold Fusion", see:

Video has been pulled.When did you last see it?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Ben. Thank's again for a very informative article. Yes you are right that it runs deeper than just 9/11, viz. UFO's, cryptozoology, consciousness research, knowledge of the afterlife, free energy, alternative health, ghosts as you stated. You also raise the important point regarding relationships and the Atheist agenda. One of the things I have found is that increasingly these factions are hijacking spiritual narritives to strengthem atheism especially with regard to using Buddhist concepts in Western logic for example to promote the destruction of 'Western' Values as if they are any different from any other culture. There is no 'God' in Buddhism in as much as the dualistic, vengeful judeo-islamic-Christian entity which splits the world in two (always helpful to divide the public too) where we have to 'look upwards' as if 'God' were in a separate place in the clouds. With this in mind it is still important to realize that this is because they need 'theology' and to be able to attack that which is beyond our limited perception and more critically our limited access to truthful information in the category of scientifically unvarifiable assertion. Hence true spiritual development beyond years of dogma and non-secularism cannot develop and true spirituality and consciousness cannot be made into 'Theism' without considerable distortion and they know this very well Ben!. Still, there is a transcendental ground in true spiritual revelations Buddhaism and other knowledge is not nihillistic like they are. Its simple truth that we are all awakened beings just only obscured by falsehood and religiousity and that's what was lost in geo-political ancient history when organised religion spoke about searching for a 'God'. James Randi is a bellwether for this movement. Thanks again Ben.

Steve Trueblue said...

"that Randi and therefore probably much more of the Skeptic milieu, is controlled by the government."

Ben we need to define what we mean by "government"
NOT Government are the temporary figureheads we elect in our fake democracy.
Our real government is the corporatocracy and the permanent heads of gov departments like Sir Humphrey Appleby etc. In Australia we have had 4 prime ministers removed by huge mining companies, proving who is the real govt
In the US General Dynamics et al maintain the continuous military war economy. Often called Military Keynesianism

Steve Trueblue said...

Rodriguez, 911 cleaner cousin of Alvarez, would be another stolen identity would it ? Its getting tricky thus more plausible.Pardon my cynicism.

Two explanatory videos on the Carlos hoax that dispel Randi's triumphant "everyone is deluded" claim.
Pseudoskeptics Alvarez Carlos Hoax South American Tour Evidence MISSING
Steve Trueblue

Pseudoskeptics James Randi's Carlos HOAX Affair in Sydney Opera house

Steve Trueblue said...

On Chris Bollyn's "Thermitical correctness", BBC now runs in OZ a weekly show debunking new earth creationists and 911 truthers.The two are conflated. Pure accident.
One busload of 911 campaigners included Charlie Veitch of the Love Police, on youtube. Charlie surprisingly caved in saying he now realised the official account was true after all and he was leaving the show with tail between his legs, after a pathetically weak explsnation lasting some 15 seconds, of, well... actually the two main buildings didnt really fall entirely in their own footprints.
Some rubble went a bit wider. You see? of course said chastened Charlie, surrendering, completely Ignoring Building 7 undamaged thst fell apparently due to a mere furniture fire.Rendering the building demolition industry unncessary. One simply needs to burn some particle board furniture to demolish a multistory building.the BBC show attempted a lame debunking of a poorly mixed small quantity of thermite with a white coated scientist showing how it just couldn't burn thru a steel I beam. It just flares hotly and fizzles out. However it was first made for cutting thru railway lines. And I have seen it cur thru entire car engines.
Though thermite may be a misdirection, as you suggest Ben
Which brings us to melted cars hundreds of metres away from the WTC. Large pools of melted aluminium were found beneath partly burnt cars. Never explained or even mentioned in the General Dynamics MSM. Conspicuously unmentioned like Building 7 All it takes is a flying microwave oven that puts out a beam. BUT Did you know that electric steel furnaces melt steel in minutes using 50Hz mains frequency ? Aluminium even quicker. Common industrial process. Molten car aluminium parts only need 50Hz mag fields to be beamed. With enough money anything can be done

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks for your comments, Steve and Xylomet. You've given me a lot to think about. I'll have a read through all of these points. To begin with: Steve, I do think thermite is misdirection. It's a false lead

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Xylomet, are you referring to Sam Harris? I have a lot of respect for genuine Buddhism, X, and I don't doubt the need to be vary, to "Stay vigilant" in that area too. You're welcome, thanks for commenting again :-)

Steve Trueblue said...

ben there is an entire faction of buddhism, hijackced by western educated militant atheists. The big attraction is the lack of a perosnal God in buddhism. meaning many are just traumtised refugees from the southern US bible belt.
They still play narcisisstic one- upmanship as buddhism has endless tomes of convoluted comlexity; one can wqste a lifetime getting lost in the wast4eland of buddhist philosophy.This attracts a certain personality type, the intellectual athlete, who wants to climb the buddhist philosophical Everest. These people are unapproachable always convinced they know far more than you- because of their intellectual labours and accomplishments. In fact they are just exercising their natural religious tendencies with non-personal God as they hsve never got over the trauma of the old testament.

Anonymous said...

Good reply Steve Trueblue and thanks for your comment ben (I did not reffer to Sam Harris but thanks for the link :) . As a 'presence' Buddha or Buddhism just stands for awakened beings, and is intrinsically trans-conceptual and trans-intellectual which is interesting when it is considered that like any other spiritual movement emerged within a particular and highly local cultural milieu. It's structure and means of conveying its message are not just confined to what is identified as Indian sub-culture from around 2,500 years ago, and its historially recorded founder, viz the ‘Buddha’ is actually just a name for an awakened being in a world of many others before and around him. Zen masters in China and Japan and now the rest all similarly draw upon existing thinking as part of its theoretical formulation like the historical Buddha who dismantle all their contemporary thinking and ultimately like the works Of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu do away with all religiousity and Mysticism and outer garb to get to the root of conscious existance which is not conditioned by outer cultures. The Buddha’s, Lao Tzu's, Plontius and other Wise old beings teachings are clear, viz those beings, whose minds are existent within deluded information and obscuration will undoubtedly be subject to concepts of karma, rebirth through the inverted mind process thus experiencing theistic entities and religious worlds. This is a profound psychological relevance to help us out of theological religious domination, toward that of secular logic.  Much of the psychological traits found within western and no reversing back east secular society are the consequence of religious patterns of thought stripped of their most obvious religiosity as you point out a psychological and intellectual gratification of spiritual Ego's still afraid of the Old Testament as you say. Intellectual knowledge is a barrier in Zen and that of Lao Tzu because they teach non attachment to the thought process but to get to the root of the ambivilant nature of consciousness instead of the branches of intellectual knowledge and even language not indulged as been the house of being.