Wednesday 21 May 2014

Plaid Cymru and the EU

If you'd told me as a teenager that one day I'd be advocating against independence for Wales I'd have laughed in your face... but here I am, doing just that. Welsh nationalism was a political movement I was very much drawn to when I first got interested in politics as a child, in fact I would get passionate about it to the point of tears. One member of my family is still very much a believer in it, yet I quickly lapsed as I grew to adulthood. My novel Evan's Land is very much a satire of the subject, see: The principle banner of Welsh nationalism is Plaid Cymru- the Party of Wales. It was formed in 1925 as Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru, "Nationalist Party of Wales"; its goal was political autonomy and self-determination for Wales and the Welsh people along with preservation of the Welsh language and culture. However much has changed since then; the Welsh language is no longer in danger of extinction, indeed it has recently been thriving. Also the European Union was born and that has changed everything. Unfortunately Plaid Cymru is very pro-EU and my family member's position echoes many others within it when he describes himself as a "federalist". The goal is for Wales to leave the UK and become an equal member state of the EU. In this sense they have already taken the second step that Scotland might or might not take if it becomes "independent" later this year; see here for background:

My predication is that sooner or later practical moves of one kind or another will be made to offer Wales independence from the UK too. As far as we know, so far the wish for independence from the United Kingdom among Welsh people is low; polls range between about 10 to 20% in favour, albeit with a large undecided pool, but a very obvious majority still positively opposed to it. In fact the referendum even to establish the Welsh Assembly was a very close call. But the media and politics can be used for the "engineering of consent" as Edward L Bernays called it. After that, the point I made about Scotland applies equally for Wales. These "independence movements" are actually just a scam to break up existing sovereign blocs and change them into new ones. This is why regional separatists on the continent are currently having such an impact; Venice is a good example, see: The authorities want the UK broken up into its constituent parts so that those parts can be more easily absorbed into the EU superstate. Reading the minutes of this speech by the Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans is depressing, see: She explains how the EU budget is essential for the Welsh economy and without it they'd be much worse off. Of course! The EU is intended to breed dependency on itself for survival; once a state has signed up it's a contract designed to be unbreakable without dire consequences. Then she goes on to say this: "I want to see Wales become an independent member of the European Union, with an equal and normal status. Being part of the UK Member State is holding us back from achieving our true potential on the European platform..." Ms Evans is saying exactly what the elite want to hear. Despite my conversion in maturity away from Welsh nationalism, I'm not a flag-waving British unionist. I know very well how the British Empire also includes its domestic empire and that both have been a major tool for global control. However the rules are different in the modern world. I just don't want to see my native homeland jump out of the UK frying pan into the EU fire.

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