Friday 9 May 2014

Anti-G or Not?

This source video is very poor quality; it's a screenover with a lot of background noise, see:
It seems to show some kind of strange aerial vehicle being test flown by a military research unit. The dialogue is almost inaudible, but it appears to describe what you're seeing, an aircraft that achieves lift without the usual wings, canopy or rotor blades. According to the commentary and the inserted diagrams, it works using a downward directional turbofan jet engine to thrust it upwards. However the title of the video is "The anti-gravity platofrm (sic) of Viktor Grebennikov"; this refers to the eccentric Russian inventor Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov. Before his death in 2001 he was well known for claiming that some insects use an anti-gravity effect to achieve flight. This is not implausible; if anti-gravity and/or free energy processes are possible then it makes sense that life has evolved to use them in the same way it has in relation to other laws of physics. In fact Viktor Schauberger explained how some fish propel themselves with a free energy effect, see: Grebennikov says that he designed an aircraft whose lift came from a platform on which he stuck a huge number of insect wings. This caused it to levitate, and he installed moveable panels which functioned as control surfaces. He flew long distances with his device; he describes this in his 1997 book My World. I've heard rumours from the realm of biology that the wings of some insects, like the bumble bee, are far too small for these creatures to fly by currently understood and accepted means. The problem is that we're told in the video that the flying platform we see is lifted and powered by a conventional means, the aforementioned jet engine pointing downwards; this method of flight has been made to work before, for example see:

This does not accord with the vid's title and description which attributes it to the revolutionary discoveries of Viktor Grebennikov. Is this disinformation? Has the audio commentary and pictures of jet engines been inserted to mislead the viewer into thinking that this is simply a jet powered platform? Or are we seeing a simple mistake on the part of the uploader? To consider this question I do recommend watching the video a second time and asking yourself some important questions: A jet engine's thrust is dependent of the very fast and powerful movement of air through the machine to literally blow the aircraft along. This inevitably produces wind-like effects on its surroundings; just watch how this jet-propelled aircraft's engines blow rainwater around on the runway as it takes off: However, with the video we see the aircraft flying close to ground level through a forest and meadow... yet there is no sign of any disturbance of the trees or long grass. What's more at 0:23 we see the craft taking off from the back of a truck; the pilot is assisted in guiding his charge into the air by two men standing next to it on the back of the truck, right on the pad from which it launches. Yet they seem not to be effected by any downdraft from the supposed jet engine. Why are their trouser legs not whipping around in the blast? Would they even be blown off their feet? So could this actually be the test flight of a real anti-gravity vehicle based on Grebennikov's levitation system?

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