Friday 20 September 2013

Tube Workers Strike against Big Brother

This is the perfect answer to those who keep telling me: "We're all doomed!... The New World Order can't be stopped!" etc. These workers on the London Underground have not chosen to take this action over any changes in pay and conditions or pensions etc; they're up in arms about the threat this poses to their civil liberties and their right to anonymity and self-determination in an increasingly monitored and controlled world. This is a manifest beacon of hope; it indicates a rising level of awareness among the population. The need for this awareness struck me head on when it entered my personal life in 2006, see: It is quite apt that this story broke just four days ago; today marks the launch of the new IPhone 5s, and the concerns over its use of biometric identification are mentioned in the article. There's a lot of talk going on about this subject when in pervious times there might not have been. Take heart!

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