Friday 13 September 2013

Bases Project live in London

Somerset House seems an odd venue for the kind of event I was attending. The 18th Century neoclassical grandeur of its façade and courtyard looked more fitted to be the location set for another Pride and Prejudice remake than a discussion about cyborgs, underground bases and sentient oil, but I trudged in through the gates eagerly, feeling tired after a long walk around London filming for HPANWO TV. I’m aware that meetings of this nature have taken place before at Somerset House, see: The event was held in a small basement cinema which one could only access via a very unreliable lift. Miles has not broken his stride since the break-up of AMMACH and has continued work on his Bases series of films which is now in its 31st episode. He has done many radio interviews, including a two-part one for HPANWO Radio; see, Part 1:, and Part 2: One of the best things about these kinds of events is that I always catch up with people I know whom I tend not to see very often, and many of my friends were present. Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, who spoke at Somerset House before, was there too; although I never got to talk to her. She’s never struck me as somebody who is easily approachable so I didn't try to make contact with her, but it was nice to see her there; I didn’t know she was in the country right now. Belinda McKenzie was there too; although we never spoke she didn’t have a go at me, which I was relieved about, and she was very friendly with everybody else. See here for the background of my parting of ways with Belinda:

Miles walked back and forth across the front of the chamber, images from the projector flowing across his face and body as he moved. He told us about his recent research. One of the major dangers we face from the elite is their electronic science; this has now reached a level of sophistication where it can become the ultimate weapon. The real hazard is that this technology is currently being promoted as something beneficial; transhumanism, the “next step in our evolution”. Its supporters poetically describe the future utopia is could bring, immortality, the panacea of all illness, super-intelligence; NASA are already planning to take a “cyborg” into space. They even have a timeline, to have it all ready by 2045, hence the name of their organization, see: Its director, Ray Kurzweil, is a right piece of work, because he is handing us our shackles in such pretty wrapping paper! Miles calls for a moment of pause. Transhumanism, far from bringing about a paradise, could instead generate a dystopian nightmare, one in which we cease to be natural humans at all and instead are robot slaves to the Illuminati elite; he’s not alone in his concerns there, see: If the manipulators of this plot maintain their schedule then this current generation of humans are the last natural humans on Earth; the last ones that can put a stop to it. Miles then went on to talk about the situation leading up to his dismissal from AMMACH. He believes that AMMACH was compromised from the start through Joanne Summerscales. He says Joanne is “reptilian” and warns people to keep their distance from her. Joanne herself has kept a low profile since the split, doing just one interview that I’m aware of with Howard Hughes of The Unexplained Podcast, see: She is joined on the air with her new right hand man, Dave Munro. I’ve not heard her side of the story, indeed she has never told it; I can only go by my own impressions of Joanne. I met her myself at the Rendlesham Forest 30 conference, long before she started broadcasting AMMACH documentaries, see: I found her perfectly friendly and charming, and she very kindly gave me a lift up into the forest after the conference, where I managed to film the tour; but as with Kerry Cassidy, there is something slightly aloof and austere that made me feel, if not uncomfortable with her, slightly wary and I got an instinctive urge to keep her at arm’s length. This could simply be a personality issue and I’m not necessarily endorsing Miles’ criticism of her, but it’s something that struck me. Another thing she has in common with Kerry Cassidy is that she has enormous sex appeal; I’m not alone among men in thinking she’s very attractive. This kind of thing can disarm us considerably; and this could be why the media are making such a star of Prof. Brian Cox, see: I know somebody who distrusts Cox as much as I do and understands that he’s being used to propagandize TV viewers, but she is so obsessively enamoured with him that she can’t act on her misgivings. 

Another major issue facing the world is what is known as “black goo”; I don’t know if this is a term coined by Miles, but it is a very descriptive one because that’s exactly what it is. It is a black viscous liquid resembling crude oil, but it is alive and intelligent. Where it comes from is not completely certain although it is distinguished in its form and name from “grey goo”; grey goo is specifically nanotechnology gone renegade, whereas black goo has more obscure origins. Miles first saw black goo many years ago while working on pirate radio in Ireland. He describes it as covering the equipment, although only he could see it. This infers that black goo can be etheric and not always physical. Black goo has also been reported in London and Nottingham, see: Alistair Martin says he saw it in the London sewers beneath a hotel in Earls Court and that the famous Boots laboratory in Nottingham was studying it when it was released into the environment, either accidentally or deliberately. This information ties in very closely to David Griffin’s discoveries about the Falklands war, see:, that there were operations carried out by British special forces that related to the presence of ET’s and sentient fluid. Also the “BEZERK!” situation in the Gulf of Mexico could well be a black goo event, see: Along with black goo there are also strange apparitions called “scuttlers”, these are insectoid beings that can be seen by psychically sensitive people. From Miles’ description I gather that they are about a foot across and resemble spiders or scorpions.

After the event we went off to a restaurant, which was priced slightly above my budget, and then a pub. My festivity was dampened slightly by my need to catch my coach home to Oxford before midnight when my return ticket expired, but we still had a great meet-up afterwards. I sat on the coach home thinking about what Miles had talked about. To be honest I can’t understand his every point, but there’s no doubt that he’s onto something major. What he says matches what I’ve discovered from many other sources. As I write these words I’m sitting just a few miles away from the laboratory which is said to have originally stored and handled the black goo. Is it currently flowing through the sewers under my feet? If so what effect will it have? Miles talked about an “extinction event”, in which the Illuminati plan to radically alter all life on Earth, and even inorganic matter too. This is something which, again, separate sources claim. This fits in with their own concerns… or professed concerns… to do with overpopulation, see:, and climate change. We hear a lot about Agenda 21 and its links to elite environmental organizations. Could this be bait in the trap for transhumanism and the New World Order? I think so. It’s encouraging to know that this plot will not work if enough people know about it and take action to stop it; that seems to be happening. It doesn’t even need to be everybody, just a critical mass, as Lyall Watson discovered, see: Events like Miles’ live Bases show all add to that mass and shorten the time before it becomes critical. So thanks to Miles for putting it on, and thanks to everybody else who attended. I’m glad to say the event was filmed and is up online, see: Miles had his own camera set up so I hope a better quality official recording will follow soon. 

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