Wednesday 11 September 2013

Bedroom Tax condemned by UN

The United Nations have reported that the British Government's "Spare Room Subsidy"... that's the Bedroom Tax to you and me... should be suspended. Raquel Rolnik is a senior UN official in charge of housing rights who constantly travels the world examining the quality of people's homes. She has concluded that the Bedroom Tax breaches Article 25 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. As a signatory to that Declaration the United Kingdom could be issued a resolution against it, and join that motley crew of nations which include China, Apartheid South Africa, Iraq and North Korea. Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps has condemned Ms Rolnik's comments as an "absolute disgrace!" His criticism is not aimed so much at Ms Rolnik's points but rather the fact that the UN deployed her independently and did not liaise with the Government beforehand. Secondly, he objects to her calling the policy "the Bedroom Tax" in her report and demands that she uses its correct name, the Spare Room Subsidy. Ms Rolnik has retorted by saying: "Well, that what everybody I spoke to in Britain calls it!"

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