Wednesday 18 September 2013

Fake Roswell at a School

This is astounding: I first heard about this from Miles Johnston’s film Bases 30, which features a new interview with Cathi Morgan, see: (Cathi was also a guest on HPANWO Radio too, see:; her own grandchild was one of the youngsters affected by what appears to be a fake “Roswell”. If the children had been a few years older I’d have probably been less concerned, but this is a primary school with children aged five to nine! I wonder exactly what this strange school pageant was all about. I went to the school’s own website and saw that they had published their own page about the event, but when I click it the only thing I could see was: “Alien Invasion??? The children are having a fantastic time investigating the mystery and trying to work out the secret code that has been left in the Spaceship by the Aliens.” Below that the page was blank and there was an error message at the bottom, see: There are only two possibilities I can think of. 1: The teachers at the school have an interest in UFO’s and an understanding of exopolitics and want to subtly pass that information on to the pupils, presumably without the consent of the local education authority. 2: Something else is going on that is sanctioned by the government authorities, but has some kind of psychological purpose. I find the official explanation: “a day-long exercise to test the youngsters’ investigative skills and to fuel their imaginations as part of a school-wide topic looking at space”, rather incredulous. The interesting part is that when word of the “crash” got out the local press and BBC came along; why didn’t the police? Perhaps the military? The school must have let the police know beforehand what was afoot. “Roswells”, are far more common than people think, see: (And this list leaves out a few others I know of, see: In fact “Roswell” has become a common noun for any very significant UFO event in which a large amount of decisive physical evidence is left behind, like a crashed craft and alien bodies, and that this evidence is secretly salvaged by the government and covered up. It’s only a matter of time before the Oxford English Dictionary adds the word to its list under that definition. Why would a British state primary school make its children go through a staged UFO crash-retrieval? What message are they trying to give them? What message are they trying to give us?

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