Saturday 21 September 2013

Is UKIP on Our Side?

There is a rising force of dissent in the LibLabCon, centre-right centre-left... centre-centre one party dictatorship of modern British politics... or apparent dissent; the United Kingdom Independence Party, with its charismatic down-to-Earth leader, Nigel Farage. Here's their official site: It's a party that makes a lot of the right noises, noises which are music to the ears of many British people, myself included: the departure of the country from the European Union, an end to the international impositions on climate change, the refusal to deploy British armed forces in foreign constabulary wars, cancelling HS2 and the localization of the NHS. There have also been several incidents in recent weeks in which UKIP members have made admirable stands against political correctness. Only yesterday Godfrey Bloom, one of their MEP's, was admonished for supposedly making a sexist joke at the ongoing party conference, see: In conventional politics and the media, an accusation like this is of course always indefensible, and without the slightest investigation the accused is universally considered guilty until proven... well, guilty! However, if you listen to the audio clip of the actual incident it paints a different picture; you hear female as well as male voices laughing heartily at what sounds to me like a completely innocuous quip, rather like the kind you hear in a Carry On film any day on prime time TV (see here for background: In August that same Godfrey Bloom MEP referred to UK foreign aid as being sent to "Bongo Bongo-Land"; for people of Bloom's generation and grammar school background this is simply a nickname for any exotic Third World locale and, again, I suspect no harm was intended on his part. Indeed in some parts of Africa the term is complimentary; it comes from a Niger-Congo linguistic root ubongo which means "brain", and that Bongo Bongo is an idiomatic word that means "a place where lots of intelligent people live". However, it is in the video clip in the link above that Bloom truly excels! He beats a reporter over the head with the UKIP Conference brochure when the reporter complains that there are no black people featured in the cover photo... or in other words: there was no limit placed on the number of white people permitted to pose for the cover photo. All in all, this shows that UKIP has developed a remarkable resistance to cultural Marxism. Does this mean they oppose the New World Order and that we should vote for them?

No. As you can see from their official website, UKIP also promote many dangerous myths and pathologies as well as completely ignoring so many genuine issues. They whip up the very same anti-immigration hysteria as the BNP, in fact one of their current headlines is all about making people prove their identity to use the NHS. I've always said that this issue is bait in the trap for Big Brother state powers, see: Also you'll see that UKIP is very keen on developing "shale gas revenues", in other words, fracking, see here for background: Presumably what they call "grown up technologies" does not include the declassification of free energy, see:, of course not! There is also a delegation at their conference from Friends of Israel, a front for Mossad and a lobby group for gaining international support for the frightful military action we've recently seen in Gaza and Lebanon against innocent people. The core of UKIP's manifesto is an immediate one-stage referendum on Britain's membership of the EU and they rebuke the Cameron and Brown governments for continuously promising such a referendum simply to delay it to the following electoral term. However, as Albert Burgess rightly points out, you can't have a referendum on an act of treason, only a criminal prosecution, see: According to the British Constitution, the correct procedure for dealing with Britain's EU membership is simply to tear up all the paperwork thereof and put Blair and Cameron in jail. A referendum can easily be tampered with, as we've seen in Ireland recently with the Lisbon Treaty. In conclusion therefore, I think that UKIP is nothing more than controlled opposition. They're a second layer of containment for anybody with the brains to see through the flannel of the mainstream parties, and they've been set up by the very same forces that established those mainstream parties. I think that the BNP and the Green Party are exactly the same too. The political system we have today is designed to make genuine opposition impossible, even at a mental level like in George Orwell's 1984. We can't vote our way out of this mess. Every time we give our power away to that greedy ballot box we descend deeper and deeper into delusion; and the more radical and progressive the party or politician we vote for sounds, the more sophisticated the fraud we fall for. The only true solution to the world's problems is the rising tide of spiritual and conspiratorial awareness, like the kind I posted about just yesterday:  

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