Friday 6 September 2013

Last Witness of Hitler's Death Dies

The last known living witness to the alleged death of Adolf Hitler has died, see: Rochus Misch was an SS solider and one of Der Fuhrer's inner circle of bodyguards, and he was with Hitler and Eva Braun in the Berlin bunker where Hitler is said to have committed suicide before the place of his last stand was captured by the Red Army. All of his life Misch maintained that on that day, the 30th of April 1945, he went into Hitler's office and saw him slumped over his desk, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Newsreels all over the world then showed footage of the bunker with close-ups of a body that was supposedly Hitler's. In fact the evidence for Hitler's death that day and in that location is far from conclusive; if it had been a politically-neutral police matter then more questions would have been asked I'm sure. This is a big subject and many others have researched it in detail, but there is good reason to believe Adolf Hitler escaped from Berlin, from occupied Germany and from Europe. The full details have been published in several books, like Gerrard Williams' and Simon Dunstan's Grey Wolf, see:; they've got a film out too. David Hatcher Childress has also researched the real fate of the leader of the Nazis, see: Most researchers say that Hitler lived out the rest of his life in Argentina, dying eventually in the 1960's, but it's possible, as a war criminal evading justice, that he might have had to go much further afield. A few years ago I met a man who told me he'd fought in a war in Antarctica that history has not recorded, see: His mission has been to destroy the Nazi stronghold there and capture or kill Adolf Hitler. Who knows what really happened to the world's most wanted man; maybe one day we'll find out.

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