Friday 27 February 2015

Secret Nazi Laboratory Discovered

A historian in Austria has discovered a secret underground complex that was built by the Nazis to develop experimental weapons including their atomic bomb programme (a recent article in Nexus claims that they succeeded, see: At the end of World War II, the defeated Nazis successfully hid the complex from the advancing Soviet forces by sealing it with huge granite blocks. It was not until 2014 that it was eventually rediscovered by the film maker and historian Andreas Sulzer after he followed the clues in the diary of a German physicist involved in secret Nazi technology and discovered a location in the village of Sankt Georgen an der Gusen where radiation levels were higher than normal indicating radioactive material had been stored there. The subterranean laboratory covers seventy-five acres and is believed to be connected to the already-known B8 Bergkristall aviation factory where the first Messerschmitt jet warplanes were built. These facilities were partly manned by inmates from the notorious Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp; these people, mostly Jews and prisoners-of-war, were deliberately worked to death in order to eliminate witnesses and keep the complex more secret. Sulzer wants to turn the site into a memorial for those forced labourers, see: Excavation of the site was stopped by the police, apparently because of a technicality over archaeological licenses, but Sulzer hopes to begin again soon. However there has been no more news on the matter for almost two months. There could be another reason why public research into this newly-revealed Nazi base might have been thwarted, something more furtive and sinister than mere red tape.

The Nazis were extremely technically advanced in all of the sciences; this was partly because, as I said above, they had an infinite supply of human guinea pigs and slave labour to exploit without any ethical concern for their wellbeing. During World War II they not only developed the first jet aircraft, but also the first cruise missile, the V1 or "doodlebug", and the first ballistic missile, the V2, which was the forerunner of NASA's space rockets. But it turned out after the war that this was just the tip of the iceberg. In fact even if the alleged successful atom bomb tests at Thuringia were real, see:, that's small potatoes compared to what else they were up to. Towards the end of the war the Nazi's began a series of huge construction programmes, some of which still have an unknown purpose. One of them, Projekt Riese- "Project Giant" was a tunnel system in Lower Silesia. It was a scheme on a similar scale to the Channel Tunnel and was left unfinished after the fall of Hitler's regime. It is today sealed from public access because most of the half-dug chambers are unsafe... supposedly. However the most interesting area is in southern Poland called the Wenceslaus Mine. Here the Nazis were said to be working on a "wonder weapon" known as Die Glocke- "the Bell" or Die Bienenstock- "the beehive". According to researchers like Nick Cook, Igor Witkowski and Joseph Farrell, this was an antigravity device which used mercury in its mechanism. It was said to give off a powerful electromagnetic field, ionizing radiation and even had the effect of altering spacetime around it. UFO's are often reported to have the same properties. Many of the scientists working on the Bell were taken ill and died. Oddly enough a few weeks after the end of the war a German U-boat was captured by the British in the Far East carrying a cargo of mercury; bound for where and for what purpose? The underground facility where the Bell laboratory was said to be was sealed by the retreating Nazis; the entrances were blown up with explosives filling them with rubble. Rumour has it that many of the personnel were not evacuated first. A key figure in the story is SS-Obergruppenfuher Hans Kammler, the Nazis' top engineer. This is because he was involved with the programme to build the Bell. For whatever reason, Nazi Germany had broken away from the tacit global collusion to keep free energy and antigravity technology under wraps. Maybe this was the real motive for World War II; since when have the West ever really waged war over human rights abuses? See: and: I can well imagine that the authorities in Austria today would like to investigate the newly-discovered Nazi facility at Sankt Georgen an der Gusen themselves privately before allowing Andreas Sulzer anywhere near it; just in case it contains incriminating evidence of knowledge that ordinary people are not permitted access to. Hans Kammler disappeared during the last few months of the war and nobody knows what became of him. Perhaps he ended up as part of Project Paperclip. In the aftermath of the war the victorious allies divided the spoils, this included picking the brains of the Nazi scientists. Some went to the USSR, others to western Europe, but the United States got the lion's share, most notably Werner von Braun the rocket scientist, but many more came along with him too, including some who are reckoned to have been brought into the country under false identities; they had their war-crime records wiped clean and were given jobs in the American scientific establishment. Was Hans Kammler one of these? He would have had a motive because if he were officially listed as captured he would have ended up at Nuremburg and probably the gallows. The Americans had a motive too because of what he knew about the Bell. It's conceivable that Hans Kammler and other members of his team continued to work at building the Bell for the United States under assumed identities in secret locations like the Lockheed Skunkworks. On the 9th of December 1965 a strange object crashed in the woods near the little Pennsylvania village of Kecksburg. The police and army sealed off the area and a Roswell-style crash-retrieval team moved in to salvage it, but before they did a few local eyewitnesses saw the object. It resembled an acorn and was about the size of a small car. UFOlogists have wondered if the object was an extraterrestrial craft and have called the case the "Pennsylvania Roswell"; others think it might be a crashed Russian space probe. However the descriptions given by the people who saw it match quite closely those who saw the Nazi Bell. Was this a new all-American Bell, developed and constructed in secret in the USA by former Nazi scientists? 

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