Monday 24 February 2014

Real Ape-Men

The following information is disturbing, but it must be reported. It concerns the hybridization of human beings and the great apes. A hybrid is an organism whose parents are of two different species; a while ago I wrote about the theory that modern humans are the product of an ancient hybridization of apes and pigs, see: I don't think we've evolved from pigs because hybridization is not possible unless the two parent species are already closely related; but humans and the great apes are very closely related, we are all part of the Hominidae family which includes humans, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. Humans and chimpanzees are the most closely related, sharing a common ancestor just five million years ago called Ardipithecus. Technically it is not implausible that hybridization between us is possible. Unlike the parents of mules, horses and donkeys, chimps and humans are not behaviourally inclined to have intercourse together in the wild, but could it be done in a laboratory? Yes. The question is then, has it? How can it not have been done? If it can be, somebody will. Seriously, what do you think will hold these people back, ethics? Not a chance; Dr Moreau is alive and well!

"Humanzee" is a term referring to a hypothetical human-chimp hybrid. Its name is a compound word, which is standard scientific terminology for hybrids, with the exception of existing established terms like "peppermint". In 1960 a chimpanzee turned up at an American training farm. It had been caught in the Congo, along with many others, but this chimpanzee, named Oliver, was different. He walked upright like a human and had far less fur on his head than he should have. He also behaved more like a human being, learning to smile and shake people's hands when he met them; he even learnt to smoke cigarettes. He didn't get along very well with other chimps and preferred the company of humans. In 1976 Oliver became a media sensation, touring the world and appearing on TV shows. At this point scientists began to wonder if Oliver might be a humanzee, one of his parents being human and the other chimp. But in their native Africa, humans and chimps do not care to interact sexually any more than they do elsewhere in the world, so how could such a hybrid be produced? In 1910 the Russian biologist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov delivered a speech to a biology conference in Graz in which he proposed the creation of an ape-human hybrid. His suggestion was met with revulsion from the audience, but in 1926 the newly-appointed Soviet leader Josef Stalin was only too happy to endorse his proposal and sent him to the Pasteur Institute in Paris to carry out his experiment. In 2006 The Scotsman newspaper claimed to have discovered that Stalin had a goal of creating a race of half-human half-ape creatures to use as slaves or as shock troops in wartime, but the newspaper provides no source for this information, asserting that they are just "secret documents" found in a Russian archive, see: However Ivanov's experiments were real; the Soviets' motives for doing it may have been to bolster Darwin's evolutionary theory and discredit the Russian Orthodox Church which was promoting creationism. The Pasteur Institute sent him to the colony of French Guinea, part of which covers the modern territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He artificially inseminated female chimpanzees with human sperm, but had no success. He then demanded to be allowed to do it the other way round and inseminate human women with chimp sperm, but the Pasteur Institute riled at this and pulled the plug on his experiment. However back home in the Soviet Union he continued his work at a laboratory in the city of Sukhumi, not far from the Winter Olympics venue of Sochi. The women used in the experiment were volunteers recruited by the Communist Academy science department, I imagine for a hefty financial incentive. However, as was often the case under fickle and capricious nature Stalin's rule, Ivanov fell out of favour with the regime and was exiled to Kazakhstan where he died. His experiments with the women never took place. But had he perhaps achieved other results that he left off his official paper? Could Oliver have been the result of Ivanov's work, after all he appeared in the same place? He can't be directly connected because he was only two years old in 1960 more than thirty years after Ivanov was there. Could he be a descendent of one of Ivanov's supposed creations? Unlikely; hybrids are almost always sterile because of their strange chromosomes. Mules are rarely able to produce young themselves even though a horse and a donkey can easily produce a mule. So what is the truth behind Oliver?
A modern DNA test has shown that Oliver is a complete chimp; his strange attributes are caused by a birth deformity. The same goes for other suggested humanzees like Danny Ramoz Gomez, a fur-covered Mexican acrobat with exceptional strength; he is completely human and suffers from a condition called hypertrichosis, excessive body hair. But there are rumours of other experiments done that carry on Ivanov's work, like in China in 1967. Before it was cut short by a riot in the Cultural Revolution the claim is that one chimp was three months pregnant. Also the psychologist Prof. Gordon Gallup claims that a similar experiment took place at the controversial Yerkes primate laboratory in Orange Park, Florida USA. This time a live birth was obtained, but the scientists decided not to go public with their results and "euthanized" the infant. There are major moral considerations with this kind of research relating to politics, culture and psychology, but also cruelty. One of the issues concerns any cloning involved. Clones suffer from poor health and live short lives troubled by illness, but also one must consider their psychological well-being; I did when I considered the plans to clone the Woolly Mammoth, see: A real humanzee would be neither human nor chimpanzee, but stuck in a limbo world in between. It would in all likelihood be rejected by both species and live a very lonely life. However, as I said, this wouldn't concern some of the ruthless and megalomaniacal characters put in positions of scientific power by those in political power who want to use science as a weapon against the population. This has long been the plot of science fiction films and books beginning in 1897 with the novel The Island of Dr Moreau by HG Wells which probably inspired Maureen Duffy's Gor Saga in 1981 and Michael Crichton's Next in 2006, see: and: There have been several TV programmes and films on the subject like the BBC adaptation of Gor Saga called First Born, see:; this was not a very good programme in my view, but Chimera was far better, see: Arthur C Clarke has written many visionary sci-fi novels in which an optimistic future is projected and some of those involve "superchimps", usually shortened to "simps", genetically-engineered intelligent primates created for the sole purpose of serving humanity as slaves. This concept is treated very dispassionately in Clarke's writings and he never considers that there's anything dodgy about it.  

The desire of society for new forms of biology is a strange one and needs analysis. Does it mean, for instance, that existing species are not good enough? Especially the human species? The humanzee issue is not the only kind of story emerging from out of the covert world that involves the altering of human beings on a mental and physical level. The "supersoldier" phenomenon is one such, see: I'm also deeply concerned by the drive for eugenics, transhumanism and the introduction of "pseudolife" through Morgellons Disease and chemtrails, see: If anybody thinks that it wouldn't be so bad being transformed into an extra-strong, extra-fast super-intelligent ubermensch and that the Illuminati are doing us a great favour and are friends of the planet and mankind, then think again! The truth is far more likely to be a situation based on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World in which we will be downgraded to dysgenic subhuman morons bred to be able to do only unskilled tasks in the menial sector. You're more likely to end up an "Epsilon" than an immortal robot or an Aryan overlord. Are the governments and scientific institutions of the world actually planning to make this nightmare a reality? I think so. I can't prove it at the moment, but from what we know about their mentality, let's face it; if they could do this, they would do this!

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