Friday 14 February 2014

Miracle Boy survives Car Crash

A terrible pedestrian road traffic accident has been captured on CCTV, see: As you can see, a small boy is walking along a pavement hand-in-hand with his grandmother when they are mown down by the parked car, a Chevrolet hatchback, after it is hit by another speeding vehicle. The woman and her grandson were taken to hospital in Anapolis in Brazil where the crash happened, but were found to have only minor injuries. As you can see, the boy, five-year-old Joao Pedro, is happily playing football and pointing to the insignificant nicks on his hips and ear. His grandmother, Vilma Nascimento, suffered a painful ankle and a tiny graze on her lips. As an ex-Hospital Porter, somebody who is accustomed to dealing with people who’ve been killed or badly injured in car crashes, I find this case almost unbelievable. The kind of accident that they suffered should have caused far more serious injuries, if they even survived at all. The way little Joao jumps to his feet and runs to tend his grandmother makes me think the car, which looks as if it’s just crushed his head, was nothing more than an inflatable model. Assuming it was a real car, what happened?
I’m baffled; it’s possibly some kind of miracle, for want of a better word. Most people have heard stories about how somebody walks away from an incident in which it seems impossible for them to do so. These anomalies happen often enough for them to be worthy of investigation; I think this is the first time one of them has been actually captured on film. Can the rules of reality be temporarily relaxed in certain special circumstances? If so, how and why? If the universe really is a hologram then this may lead to the answer. Perhaps this is related to the tales of levitating Tibetan monks or Hawaiian medicine men walking on hot lava flows. But could there be another explanation? This event has similarities to the “crazy Swedish twins” incident; this was the subject of a BBC documentary, Madness in the Fast Lane, see: In May 2008 the police were alerted to the presence of two young women walking along the central reservation of the M6 motorway near Keele, Staffordshire. One of the women ran from the police and was struck by a vehicle. When they were apprehended a second time they both bolted directly into the traffic. This time one of them was crushed under the wheels of a fourteen-ton lorry and the other struck a second time by a car. By rights you’d have to be very lucky to emerge from impacts like that alive, but the woman hit twice by a car appeared unhurt and violently resisted arrest. Even the second woman, who had both her legs shattered, attempted to get to her feet. For anybody familiar with the emergency services, this is unreal. It took a group of six people to subdue Sabina Eriksson, the woman fighting fit, and the paramedics had to hold down her twin sister Ursula. Both twins showed incredible strength and resilience, maybe supernatural strength and resilience. There have been a number of theories posed that attempt to rationalize what happened that day, that the sisters were under the influence of drugs, that they were involved in a secret police surveillance operation; but could something far stranger be afoot? Could they be artificially enhanced in some way, either through the influence of extraterrestrial and/or secret government genetic engineering? The term “supersoldier” is a fairly recent one and is disliked by some people, but it refers to such an individual; see here for more details: We must consider the eventuality that Joao Pedro and his grandmother also might be two examples of enhanced humans. If so then I’m surprised they were allowed contact with the media, unless the two people interviewed on TV were not the pair we saw on the CCTV.

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