Thursday 2 July 2015

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 13

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 13 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see: Issue 13 includes an article in my column, entitled: Sliding into History; all about the Roswell Slides.

Also you will find in Issue 13: two exclusive interviews, with the Apollo astronaut and UFO-believer Dr Edgar Mitchell, and the jounralist and UFO-Skeptic Dr David Clarke; UFO's over a football stadium by Thiago Ticchetti, intergenerational contact by Mary Rodwell and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 12:

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justin hibbert said...

This magazine is getting a tad boring now. They have run out of new things to feature. You can find everything they cover free on the web now. It's time has come and before now it will ultimately disappear.