Wednesday 1 July 2015

Thank Frack for That!

Some good news today regarding fracking. The agenda to continue developing the national fracking test area on the Fylde peninsula, Lancashire has disintegrated after Lancashire County Council blocked it. This was following a mass campaign by anti-fracking protesters including my good friend and fellow researcher Ian R Crane; see here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Ian: The test wells have already caused the first earthquake in Blackpool for a hundred and ten years; and the fracking industry had the good sense not to insult our intelligences by trying to dismiss it as coincidence. If the go ahead had been given then seismic activity would have got worse, along with all the other kinds of devastation fracking causes, poisoning of the air and water, sinkholes etc. Not to mention the terrible plummet in property value. See Ian's website for more details on fracking: The result of this is that shares of the two main fracking firms IGas and Cuadrilla, have collapsed on the stock market, see: Future generations may well owe their lives to today's heroic protesters. Fracking is portrayed by its proponents as the latest miracle in solving the world's energy needs; but it's an enormous con and environmental crime. The amount of coal bed methane and shale gas in the ground has been grossly exaggerated to persuade people to invest in the fracking companies; they make it out to be a growth industry when it's just a speculation bubble. The true agenda is ecocide, a dog-in-the-manger scorched earth policy by the elite as part of their plan for a New World Order. Fortunately there is massive public opposition to it and this latest ruling should encourage others to resist. For instance, this was the reaction when Oxford County Council simply had an informal meeting on the issue: The pro-fracking lobby has its liars and its useful idiots; I'm not sure which this guy falls into, see: He's also taken a Skeptic position on many other matters, including 9/11, chemtrails and psychic mediums. What we'll find is black propaganda is going to increase in the next few months. The Government are determined to get their instrument of ecocide in to common use and Cuadilla and IGas are appealing the Council's decision.

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Laurence said...

Don't believe an 'expert' who tells you that shale can be fractured at depth in a predictable way. It can't (far too many discontinuities in all manner of dips and strikes, if you must know). I would go so far as to say, if no long-term problems arise, it is more by luck than by design.