Thursday 25 May 2017

Vice Documentary on Targeted Individuals

Vice are an "alternative media" company based in Canada who cover subjects a lot of the mainstream... or more mainstream... media does not. They filmed at last year's Bases Project conference, see:, and interviewed many people, including me. I make a rule never to speak to the mainstream media, but the Vice interviewer and camera crew assured me that their production would never be shown on any mainstream TV platform. I believe them, especially after watching it. Their programme is a documentary about targeted individuals and how their experiences affect their lives. The forty-eight minute production features profiles of several TI's, including people I know such as Kieron Lee Perrin who has implants inserted into his head and other parts of his body. Another is a woman called Fiona whom I don't know, but I'm sure I have met her. She moves from place to place, staying at friends' houses; and even in a luggage locker. She has gone to great expense to purchase a lead lined coverall, similar to the ones used by X-ray staff in hospitals. This keeps the electromagnetic rays away from her so she can live a semi-normal life. Kieron and his friend Shane suffer "voice to skull" harassment where they hear voices in their heads. This is not science fiction. Patents exist for this technology and it is currently being adapted into a new generation of hearing aids for the deaf. The voices are very aggressive, antisocial and rude. At one point the presenter is told: "go fuck yourself!" Shane's dog has also been attacked and somebody even broke into his house and left excrement on his bed. The presenter is a hip young man with an Ulster accent. He asks the requisite questions, whether the TI's might be mistaken, or have their beliefs reinforced by their peer group and researchers like me. He questions whether their experiences are just mental illness. However the evidence is overwhelming that this is not the case and the programme does present that evidence openly. It also addresses the tragic story of Max Spiers with far more honesty and professionalism than the recent travesty by the BBC, see:
See here for Targeted Individuals by Vice: (This link might expire after a certain amount of time. If a more permanent one becomes available I will add it here.

Vice are to be congratulated. They have achieved something that much bigger and better funded TV companies have utterly failed at. They have made a documentary about a UFO/paranormal/conspiracy subject that is reasonably factual, informative and proficient. It was a very pleasant surprise. See the background links below for my litany of previous debacles. Unlike most TV shows, Vice approach the subject without bias or a transparent mandate to create a hatchet-job. Something tells me this show will never be broadcast as widely as its lesser predecessors. Was it perfect? No. I'd like to have seen more of Sarah Adams and Dave Marrow for a start. But compared to the others it's like a breath of fresh air. I feel very strongly about this subject, not just because some close friends of mine are TI's, but because I recently learned that I myself have an implant, see:; and also that my family have been abused by psychological warfare attacks, see: We need more film makers like Vice to cover the awful cases of targeted individuals, to expose the abusers who ruin their lives. I hope Vice will make other documentaries on other issues within the scene. I enjoyed this show very much. Well done!


Laurence said...

This article reminded me of an experience I had in Vancouver International Airport around May 2012. I was flying out (I think to Toronto Pearson) for business making my way to the gate. Near to the gate I alighted a travellator (a moving footpath); I recall that I had headphones on and was connected to the Airport's unreliable Wi-Fi. With that, I heard a very sinister voice whispering in my ears, "I know you can hear me..." repeated, rather assuredly. Perhaps because I am Irish and am very accustomed to 'slagging' (as we call it, often from strangers on the street), I knew somehow instinctively to remain calm and not react, not even to change the expression on my face or to betray a glance. The voice persisted for about 30 seconds in a similar sinister vein, whereupon, I got the impression, the malevolent filth behind it decided I was not a good target for it, after all. I was left in no doubt that I had been targeted, that the Airport was being used for this purpose, and that it was all very sinister. I have not heard any voices in my head before or since, thank God.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks for sharing, Laurence. What an odd experience. It's becoming more and more common

Laurence said...

Thanks Ben. My best guess would be some sort of mind control attempt, to what ends I have no idea; as it was an internal flight and I was on business, it must be aimed at Canadian citizens, however. Having said that, it may be linked to a strange occurrence I had on that trip. I was on my way to Sudbury, Ontario (and was onward booked to there). During my stay there, the then Canadian PM, Paul Harper, was using the tiny business park on the outskirts next to my workplace as a secret base! A very unusual set-up with a 5 star restaurant beside a stockpile of old rubble and industrial estate detritus. I know that may sound unbelievable but it is true and, in fact, I literally bumped into him coming out of the restaurant with his, rather alarmed, secret service behind. (An interesting aside is that on one occasion, Harper was--according to the MSM--giving a state of the Nation address but he was actually having his dinner in this business park at the time :)) Perhaps the mind control targeting was an attempt to neutralise me before I got to Sudbury and the PM?

keith said...

America Land of the Free
The targeting of Americans is just another holocaust. Each day that goes by more people are tortured and killed, lives destroyed by agencies within our very own government. The murder extends long before the victim dies, for each day that is taken by these attackers is lost, along with many more days, weeks, years lost to the torture they have endured resulting in their premature death. The murder has been committed on even the targeted that live, and is repeated over each day. Our leaders are well aware of this and refuse to take action. Whether it is the CIA/ FBI/ American police agencies or the newly formed homeland security or FEMA, the criminals behind this must be held accountable. The agencies that have taken part in this criminal conspiracy must be amputated from the American System.

If our leaders fail to take action, they too must be given other opportunity's in this life besides "serving" the public that supposedly elected them. If this goes up the line of power to what is supposedly the "top", then a decapitation might be even better then a simple amputation procedure. This being achieved by finding honest intelligent and courageous leaders, thus replacing the criminals that allow criminal activity within our own government.

To imagine that we live in a democracy, is to be blind to the fact that our government has been overthrown repeatedly, with the assassination of each president that has fallen. There is no democracy for we have no one to stand up to the ones that truly control the world. This is the banks of the world, corporations , Vatican, Jesuits, etc.

It is my strong belief, that agencies of the United States Government have infiltrated Americas hosting companies, as we know they have our telecommunication corporations. Of course not only the hosting companies, they have infiltrated our entire communication system, thus enabling them to, alter, block, manipulate any Americans activities at any time. This may not be completely accomplished, but the day is near.

I have spent years trying to figure out why I have been targeted, I do not know, but I do know this is inhumane and if one does not receive help from agencies in the position of power that requires them to protect American citizens, then it can be perceived that they too are involved in this American Holocaust.

Just as in the 9-11 terrorist attacks, Targeted Individuals deserve compensation for each and every terrorist attack launched on them by the United States of America.This precedent was set with the falling of the world trade center. It was ruled that there were two separate attacks on that day, and Silverstein was compensated twice for the loss of the twin towers.